Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seeing what we've seen...

Not much time to write, and not much internet access while we were in Montana, so I'll write more later. In the meantime, here are some pictures so you can see a bit of what we have seen!
Erin & Meg -- this pics for you! : )

Western Montana views...mountains and passes and 6% grades!

Uncle Stan & Aunt Sal's -- where we stayed and visited the Fam!

Uncle Stan gave Ran the 4-wheeler and he spent a few glorious hours exploring off-road -- after a few hours exploring on-road in Stan's pickup!

Views of Eastern Montana...

More views of Easter Montana...They told us there wasn't much to see -- but we enjoyed it anyway!

Painted Canyon Overlook in the North Dakota Badlands...did you know there were Badlands in North Dakota?

Mom and Dad learning the facts about the Badlands...They gave a running commentary about countryside as we traveled Montana. They know so much!

Another view of the beautiful Painted Canyon...
We had great visiting time with the Montana Fam...Brief stops to see Zach and Cori...A good day in the Manhattan area with all the crew...last night a brief stop in here in Bismarck to see cousin Sara and her girls...Tonight we'll land somewhere in Minnesota...I'm going to look for Lake Wobegon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And We're Off...

Our road trip adventure has begun! As predicted our projected start time of 8am became the reality start time of 9am -- all those last minute decisions and double checks, you know! Nonetheless, we covered all the territory anticipated, and enjoyed a beautiful day of driving. We started out in showers in Whatcom County, but they petered out somewhere is Skagit, and much of the day we enjoyed sunshine as we traveled Highway 2 to Spokane.

We enjoyed the view of the Wenatchee River. Fall colors were beginning to peek out on the west side of the Cascades -- even more so on the east side...There were the orchards -- some still full of fruit, and then the contrast of the dry, rocky coulees, and the massive fields of country! We loved it! So many contrasts in our the span of our state!

Mid afternoon we enjoyed some old-fashioned soft ice cream -- the grainy, COLD, COLD kind -- not that airy creamy stuff they serve now. Edna's Drive-In in Davenport brags on their ice cream, and rightly so...So good you could get a brain freeze in a second!

However, the best treat was yet to come! In Spokane, we had a wonderful dinner with Randy's brother Barry, and wife Lynn and got to meet their grandson, our great-nephew, Carter Harrison Edwards. Oh yes -- Carter's parents were there too! : ) Thanks Nick and Shauna for graciously allowing me to hold that sweet boy of yours as long as I could!

The time was too short -- but now its off to bed to be ready for tomorrow's adventure. Next stop -- Montana!

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