Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday morning musings...

So, it is Monday morning, after a busy Sunday, and I am suffused with a positivity that only caffeine and sunshine can bring.

We had a lovely family dinner here last night with the Honcoop Family…and not that the dinner was lovely – the people were. The house was echoing with loud conversation, punctuated by the screeches – some happy, some not – of the kids as they played.

It is good to visit with these people that mean so much to us, to hear what is new, what is going on in their lives. I’m grateful.

And I’m tired…and my knees and hips hurt because I made the foolish choice to wear shoes that I deem stylish while I worked in the kitchen last night. I’ve said it before and I was reminded again: I am so old that I get injured wearing cute shoes.

This reminder may require more caffeine suffused (or infused?) positivity.

When I walked this morning, I had to reduce my planned 3 loop walk to 2, as my joints were starting to send up complaints. So much for the intent to pass the 10,000 mark for steps taken this day.

I have succumbed to the latest fitness trend, and purchased a JawboneUP Move – a little bitty electronic device that counts my steps, and cheerleads my efforts, and tracks my sleep. And now I am quite enamored of checking to see how well I am doing as the day progresses.

I had my doubts about how much such a device would motivate me, and have been pleasantly surprised that I am quite interested in tracking everything I can!

The good news is that I do not have to put in much extra effort to reach 10,000 steps per day. I feared that step count would reveal that I am just barely above a slug when it comes to activity.

And now the bad news…I do not have to put in much extra effort to reach 10,000 steps per day. So I am fairly active – and still far from fit. {sad face}

That little gadget also tracks my sleep, wonder of wonders! And the good news is that most of the time, I am sleeping at 95-100%  of my need.

And the bad news is that I am sleeping at 95-100%  of my need…and often still feel tired when I awake.

So far the readings I am tracking are revealing one thing: I’m pretty wussy.

I sleep well, but don’t feel like it. I’m fairly active, but still not fit. And I feel like doing more will just be too much…

My relationship with the JawboneUP device could become love/hate. But on the other hand, the evidence is in, and tangible, and inescapable. I can’t brush it off. I really should do something about it.

I hope the little cheerleader they put in there is up to the task…Because I’m gonna need her.

And maybe another cup of coffee too.

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