Friday, March 21, 2014


On Tuesday evening, my body scheduled a cleanse, without my knowledge or consent. It was a big surprise.

And not a welcome one. Doing a cleanse never sounded like anything I would enjoy. First, the things you have to consume to initiate the process are less than appealing. Second, the purging of the toxins doesn’t sound like an activity that is something to savor either. I know you’re supposed to feel so good after it’s all over, but it’s just a little too much like how you feel after you stop banging your head against a wall.

So I guess I can’t really blame my body for springing it on me. It’s not something I would do voluntarily. I prefer to trust that my body will let me know when there is a sufficient amount of toxins present to create a dangerous situation, and then just take care it.

Apparently, that’s what happened…Thanks, body, for saving me from further dangers. But I have to say, the process is pretty terrible. From the experience, I can only conclude that I must have been in grave danger, because my body took the whole thing pretty seriously.

And I’ll leave it at that.

It wasn’t over after the toxins were purged either. I felt totally wiped out…which is an unfortunate cliché, but it just keeps coming to mind. Yeesh! My body was purged of energy, and strength as well.

So I HAD to lie around and watch TV…which I found is a much more attractive activity when you really shouldn’t be doing it. When you are allowed to do it all day, it gets rather boring.

As my friend, Barb, says, being sick is a big waste of time.

Although, just like when you stop banging your head against the wall, you have a renewed appreciation for things that DON’T happen everyday. And chicken noodle soup and a piece of white toast become delicious fare instead of a desperation dinner. And sleeping in your bed, instead of lying on a bathroom floor, is something you don’t take for granted anymore…

…but probably not for long enough. So I suppose that an unanticipated, nasty, but short, involuntary cleanse has its benefits. I think a few things were purged out of my mind as well.

Perhaps my body really knows what it is doing!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Wonderful World of Hobby Lobby...

I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time this week…SHAZAM! Acres (well, it seemed like it) of wonderfulness. I entered with excitement and determination, but within minutes, I became dazed and confused…My mind could not categorize the many departments of covetousness that came over me.

Of course, the next logical thought was that I should redecorate my entire abode. There were so many opportunities in every aisle, on every shelf! What a shame it would be to waste them!

Thankfully, as time passed and I traveled from one end of the store to the other, my adrenaline levels began to fall. Reason was restored, and I am proud to say that I only purchased a few things that were not, technically, necessary for my life.

The rest of the cartful was really, truly necessary…Really, truly.

Although, I came home and set the bags down and haven’t looked in them since…I wonder how necessary those items will seem when they see the light of day.

Oh, apprehension!!

I think I need to pursue another hobby…that doesn’t include a lobby.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Every vacation should include a Field Trip...

I know this is becoming the never-ending vacation story…Please bear with me. I’m following the writing adage “Tell your story once, and tell it on paper.” And you know that is old wisdom as it uses the antiquated term – paper.

Or maybe I’m following the newer adage from the Food Safety Industry – “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.”

Either way, I want to record for posterity the story of my favorite vacation…There are some other activities we enjoyed besides all the beach time in Makaha.

Being a former homeschooling mom, I felt it only proper that we include a field trip in our vacation time. Fortunately, all the kids enjoy history, and since I didn’t tell them it was a field trip, they were happy to give a day to touring the USS Missouri and visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

(Some kind of ceremony was being conducted under the big guns...wish we could have known what it was about...)
I booked the guys on the Heart of the Missouri guided tour. They were able to go below decks to the engine rooms and learn about the systems that propel the Mighty Mo. They were also able to go inside the gun turrets, and learn how they fire a 2700lb. projectile 23 miles with pinpoint accuracy. They got to see parts of the ship that are not available to the rest of the visitors.

Doubting that we girls would be able to appreciate the “mechanics of an Iowa class battleship”, I booked an historic tour for us. We enjoyed seeing the spot where the Japanese surrender was signed, and learning about the retrofit of the Mighty Mo for its participation in Desert Storm…We were shocked at the tiny space allotted to each sailor’s accommodations, and admiring of the discomforts they endured in the service of our country. (Air conditioning wasn’t added to the ship until its Desert Storm retrofit!)

A little bonus -- our tour was shorter, so we had time to shop for souvenirs, and eat a shave ice before the guys returned.

Then, it was back on the bus to return to the USS Arizona Memorial, World War II Valor in the Pacific facility. We had a little bit of time to look around the new buildings before our appointment to ride the launch out to the memorial. The National Parks Service has upgraded the facilities quite extensively. The displays are divided into different, and larger, buildings, each titled with the subject: “Road to War”; “Attack”, etc. This allows people to move more easily, see more of the displays, and learn more.

The ride on the launch out to the Memorial is always striking…The gleaming white Memorial, the remembrance of the beginning of The War, and the Mighty Mo, towering over it in the background, the remembrance of The War’s end.

The Memorial itself is so beautiful, and so solemn…the long list of names…So many young men – younger than my boys – who rest there. We do not remember well enough the price paid for our freedom.

After our visit to the launch, we returned to tour more buildings, and found ourselves stopped at the video displays of survivors recounting the experiences of the date that lives in infamy. Indeed, they are heroes.

We finished out our visit with protracted perusal of the bookstore. Oh my! What a treasure trove of history! Being a former homeschooling mom, I encouraged continued learning by telling the kids to pick out a book and I would buy it…and borrow it later.

I couldn’t take our kids to Hawaii without making sure they visited the place where such a significant part of our history occurred. There’s just something about standing at Pearl Harbor, and looking to the mountains imagining those Japanese planes coming toward you…Seeing the watery grave of the heroes of that day…The date that will live in infamy happened right here, with real people, with civilians living all around, fearing that the war would engulf their islands…

To my mind, it’s always good to make history live. It helps us to avoid repeating the mistakes of our ancestors, and hopefully, live in such a way as to inspire our descendants.

It was my dream come true to visit Pearl Harbor with my kids!

Monday, March 3, 2014

After our return from Tropical Paradise, 2 weekends of winter...

I thought this would all be over by the time we returned from Hawaii...

No! Winter came back just for me to enjoy for a little longer.

Thanks, Winter -- and I hope you're not surprised that I am the only one thanking you...

February 24 & 25...

The roads became much more difficult to negotiate as the day wore on...At this point, the snow plow had come through...but they had to forget the side roads after this, and just try to keep the Badger open...And did not succeed -- had to close it for a few hours.
 And now, yesterday and today, March 2 & 3...MARCH!

Our weather station became non-functional...

Glad the buds are still tight!

Our clump birch trees are obviously 2 different varieties!
The left one has had some natural pruning this weekend.

This maple is a lot wider than usual.

It is just so pretty, though!

Not sure how my blueberries will handle it...their buds weren't so tight.

Same for the forsythia! I hope that soon there will be yellow blooms all over this.
Because even I am done with winter.

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