Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And just like that, it's over...

Harvest ended for us the last day of July. We had a decent crop, a great price, and the whole operation ran very well. This is how we felt for a few days, but our crew hung in there through the heat wave of the last of harvest...troopers all! The fruit is all in the freezer now, just waiting for the buyers to pick it up.

We are breathing a sigh of relief, and living with a little bit more flexible schedule -- but now the berries need to be "put to bed" as we say, meaning we need to get them ready for winter. Also, we have work to do in the new planting, and another 10 acres to take out...Randy is not feeling like he can take a vacation yet.

On my side of things, Dillon's wedding is in the offing, and the rehearsal dinner, which is to be held at our house, requires a fair bit of organization and work...
So the fruit's in the freezer, but the indulgences of inactivity, and recreational activity are no not on the docket yet...Still we are very satisfied that harvest is over, and went so well...That's a vacation feeling in itself!

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