Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Valentines...

The special day is past, but I still wanted to post my favorite Valentine cards. I found these at my formerly favorite antique store. Sadly, it is now closed. I am sad...My husband and my checkbook are glad.

Anyway, I think we should go back to sending these kind of Valentines!

The most honest Valentine I've ever seen...

This one looks so good in my grandma's art deco frame and is quite romantic in spite of the kiddie picture.
The verse: "Give me but thy love and I envy none beneath the sky."

And this tiny print: "So much of health, So much of wealth, Naught to annoy, Much to enjoy"  Now THAT'S true love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Farm...

I thought I should post a couple of pictures to show you what is happening on the farm these days. El Nino weather is making the news, pounding California with rains, and leaving us with mild, dry days. So -- the plants are waking up and thinking it is spring.

See the buds pushed out on the canes? Little leaves are ready to pop out. There's nothing wrong with an early spring, as long as winter doesn't decide to come back. If we got some serious cold and wind, significant damage could be done. However, we're having a cycle of rain, and then predictions are to return to El Nino mildness. Once into March, it would be unlikely to get damaging weather...and there's nothing we can do about it anyway!

The workers just completed all the pruning and tying, so everything is looking very tidy right now. I love that!

With the mild weather, Randy is preparing for the planting process. This week, lime was spread on the field we'll be planting...

...And he got to play with his new forklift, stacking the organic fertilizer into the old horse shed for storage.  I will not be going in there until the fertilizer is spread! Organic = vile, stinky, but effective. I can only be thankful that it doesn't come in liquid form. Goodbye, horse shed, until we meet again -- after you've aired out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Madelyn comes to visit...

Miss Madelyn came to play for the day, yesterday. She is our great-niece and it is our privilege to get to spend the day with her about once a month. Oh, she is a cutie! And she is an opinionated little gal. Until recently, she was of the opinion that it was not good to spend time with anyone except her mommy and daddy. We were happy to have her, but she was not usually so happy to see us -- especially at the beginning of the day. Eventually, she would resign herself to her fate, and play, eat and sleep -- but just to make sure we knew that she had not CHANGED her mind -- she was just being accomodating -- she would throw in a sad look now and then...Believe me, it was a SAD,SAD look. (Boys, watch out! This girl already knows how to break hearts!)

However, something happened to Miss Madelyn between this visit and her last...

She learned how to crawl! ("I'm comin' for ya, Daisie!")

And she learned how to walk around the furniture.

Life has new interest and meaning. Indeed, she still let Dad know that she loves him the most of all -- but after that, well, there was a whole new world to explore! Things to do! Places to go! And she kept busy all day...Delightfully, this little girl loves to jabber while she plays, and punctuates her talk with excited squeals and episodes of wiggly dancing. Unsolicited smiles and chuckles were our pleasure to see and hear.

We had such a fun day!

I'm glad the Madelyn's opinion of visiting us has turned to the positive...and it's going to be fun to see what other opinions that little one comes up with in the next few years!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where did January go?

A whole month with no blogging...I just didn’t have anything to say. Blame it on the January doldrums, and the fact that I began the year (literally, Januray 1) with a most violent stomach virus. I blame it for my descent into the doldrums, but they are gone now, as is January, and I must make amends.

It’s not as if nothing happened in January! There were some memorable and wonderful developments... not the least of which was Tiffany’s acquistion of a visa!!! HURRAH!! TIFFANY IS NOW FREE TO MOVE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY...SHE LIVES HERE NOW!! I seriously doubt that we could be happier than Dillon is about this, but we are ALL pretty happy about it!

Another HURRAH! is shouted for the fact that CAITLIN HAS STARTED RUNNING AGAIN!!! She has managed to get back into it just before the One Year Anniversary of the Toe Breakage arrived. Now if she could just get rid of her cold, sore throat and hacking cough, she’d be out there every day.

Dillon turned 27 and now has a wife to bake him a cake...and it was the John Deere Tractor cake that his mother never did get right. Marriage -- it's a good thing!

A big GRRRRRR was uttered by Jess, our personal Toyota Vehicle Salesman, for the StopSell on 8 models of Toyota’s... Especially since he was about to close a deal on one of them when the order came down. So far the negative effects have been less than they expected, but it’s another challenge for trying to sell cars in this economy. So weird! It’s almost as if the government would rather you bought GM or something!

And, oh yeah, Randy & I went to Orlando, Florida for a week where we visited Disney World and Kennedy Space Center and ate way too much good food...Just the usual Whatcom Farmer’s Co-op Board trip. Pictures to follow...
The first park we visited was Epcot...Spaceship Earth here, the park icon.
The beautiful China Pavilion...
The Magic Kingdom...I just love Main Street U.S.A.!

The Classics: Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Caribbean

Big Thunder Mtn. Railroad

This is where they put the Disney World Heretics...

Disney Hollywood Studios...We visited this one twice!Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show

We enjoyed that with the Bedlingtons and Juergens...It's a great show!

We rode the tethered hot air balloon over Downtown Disney...400ft in the air, folks, and I didn't even cry! I'm a pro since that Peak2Peak Gondola...

You can see the Disney Parks in the distance...DisneyWorld is a big place!

We did more fun things in Downtown Disney...SHOPPING @ Legoland...

...and World of Disney (Shopping Buds Anna & Clara here!)
We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe...Watch out for the Elephant!

Cirque du Soleil was on hiatus the week we were there...but their store was full of cool stuff!

The day at Kennedy Space Center was great! We took the bus tour and got to see the shuttle on the launch pad...And we never knew there were SO many launch pads there!

Behind us, on Launch Pad 39A, the shuttle stands ready for an early Feb. launch.

Gators were plentiful beside the roads....Vehicle Assembly Building...The blue field of the flag is as big as a regulation size basketball court!

The crawlerway...huge road for moving the shuttle...A glimpse inside the VAB...

Another gator...Launch 39B...never to be used again as the Shuttle program ends this year.

An mock-up orbiter, Explorer, that you can go in and examine. It's next to the building where you can ride the "Space Shuttle Launch Experience" and feel a bit of what a real launch is like.  Kennedy Space Center is huge, and an amazing place, where amazing things are done all the time. So glad we got the chance to see it!

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