Monday, October 31, 2011

Still no pictures...

...but the deed is done! The girl is moved into her own house, and she even let me try to arrange her furniture! We tried many combinations as her little room with one angled wall was a challenge! But finally she came upon the right arrangement. Already she has pictures on the wall, and the kitchen shelves all arranged...It's looking very cute and homey, and today I am going to get some pictures for the "After" post. I promise...

I was going to do it yesterday, but I was exhausted...I am not accustomed to carrying boxes and small pieces of furniture, and trying not to drop my third of the washing machine as we carry it in...Not to mention doing it all in a steady rain...We know how to pick moving days! Same kind of weather the last time we moved her!

I needed some recovery time...which I gained by sleeping through much of the Seahawks game...and I note that lately, it is the best way to watch a Seahawks game...

Anyway, it's quite satisfying to see Caitlin settling in and making this home her own in ways that she never did in the rentals. Even Olive is thinking that she likes the place...though she's a little surprised about the pet gate that limits her ramblings throughout...The window by the staircase makes up for it. She likes to watch the world go by...and defend her home against all passersby.

It's all good, and worth the recovery time!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Progress -- without pictures...

Just an update for you all who are waiting with bated breath to keep up with my mesmerizing life...We are making progress in Caitlin's condo...After some paint swatches that were not "it", Cait finally found the color, or at least the closest thing to it, that she wanted on the living room wall.


I feel so fulfilled now.

And I got the rest of the place cleaned (aka sanitized), and now I have a repetitive stress injury in my wrist and thumb from all the scrubbing. Randy says it's just Mr. Arthur-itis, but I am choosing to believe it will heal and go away...eventually.

Anyway, the cabinets are all painted, and lovely...the new dining room light fixture is up, and move-in day will be later this week...after the carpets are cleaned, and Cait recoats my living room painting.

And THEN we will give you some pictures...we've just been too busy...and our hands seemed to have alot of paint on them...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caitlin's New Digs: Before

After some diffugalties, (family word -- dif-fugue-ul-tees) Caitlin has finally taken possession of her new home! She has survived the exasperating process of buying a foreclosed HUD property, wherein she was required to file for a contract extension because HUD was not ready. She and her realtor and her banker had done all their work, only HUD wasn't finished, but Cait had to file the extension...(bureaucracy, I hate thee). The next exasperation came after we had gone to dinner to celebrate her closing, and got to the condo to open the door for the first time. Because the HUD office is in Seattle, they leave the keys in a contractor box, and give you the code to open it on closing...Except, we couldn't find the contractors box anywhere. "Hi, new neighbors!" Cait muttered as we stalked around the outside of the condo, shining a flashlight in every possible hiding place...Nope, no box to be found. Calls the next morning, revealed that HUD had "forgotten" to put the lock box out, and the keys were still in Seattle. Cait was instructed to get a locksmith to break into her new home. At least, HUD offered to foot the bill...I'm sure it will only take a few months and a dozen phone calls to get that money...

Finally, she was in! And we are excited!! And here are some "before" pictures, as we have a number of improvements planned...

The Entry and the Living Room...which will soon sport a new color on the walls...

The Open Staircase on the other side, glimpse of the Kitchen on the left.

The Kitchen...cabinets soon to be painted...

The Dining Room

The spacious Utility Room

Great little deck and yard

Master Bedroom

View from Master to upstairs landing

Main bath (there's also a half bath downstairs)

Second Bedroom, aka sewing room, library, oh the possibilities!

As I said before, WE are excited, and full of ideas...However, I am slowly becoming aware that really only ONE of us will be implementing her ideas...

...and it's not me.

I'm afraid I have fallen into that parent trap of vicariously living through your child...In this case, fantasizing (I find out now) that I will get to be a co-interior decorator, designer and style maven on this project.

It ain't going to happen...
because (duh!) IT'S NOT MY HOUSE.


The best I can hope for, since my fall into fantasy, is to help implement another's design ideas. My inordinate enthusiasm has relegated me to my rightful place...Mother of Homeowner, who may or may not be allowed to paint the color the Homeowner chooses.

In lieu of my fantasy, I have now put my creative energies into cleaning...EVERYTHING. I'm good at it, baby! I ROCK at cleaning! I have the empty Magic Eraser boxes to prove it! And I am setting the foundation of good design -- CLEANLINESS! What is good design without cleanliness, I ask you???

I content myself with this role, and maybe if I am good and remember "THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE", I may even get the opportunity to wield a paint brush with more than primer on it.

Be still my heart!

Forgive me, Daughter Homeowner, for forgetting that I already have a house, and now it is YOUR turn to be decorator, style maven extraodinaire! You're doing a great job, and REALLY I am so happy for you.

Can I please paint now?

Friday, October 7, 2011

She runs AND she sews...

We have a new boomerang in residence here. Caitlin is in the process of buying a condo and as she waits (and waits) for the paperwork to be completed, she and Olive are here for a short stay.

And she is messing up my house big time...

But all for a good cause!

Recently,Caitlin and I made what was supposed to be a brief and focused trip to the fabric store. It was neither, and we came home with projects! And enthusiasm -- which, for the most part, has not left us though it has become a little..uh...intermittent.

Anyway, Caitlin has been messing up my house as she sews chair covers for her new-to-her dining room chairs.
Cait started with a pattern, but soon found it was way more complicated than it needed to be...
So she made up her own...She's good that way.
The finished product!
(Apologies for the bad exposure!)

And more bad camera action the colors don't show very well...but Cait chose a different fabric for each chair. What you can't see here is the mustard yellow color in the prints that will match her vintage formica & chrome table...It will be so cute!

And as for my projects? Well, yes, I had some...
But first Olive and I had to watch some TV.

It's football season, you know...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moments of Meekness...

OR...Olive Gets a Bath.

This is one time the Little Fiend is somewhat off her game. You can see it on her face...
"Gram! Get me out of here!"

Oh, the humiliation!

"My life is crap..."

No need to feel bad for her...She gets her revenge by burrowing into Cait's bed to finish drying off, and then having a long mope there.

It's a break for all of us -- but don't tell HER that!!

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