Monday, October 31, 2011

Still no pictures...

...but the deed is done! The girl is moved into her own house, and she even let me try to arrange her furniture! We tried many combinations as her little room with one angled wall was a challenge! But finally she came upon the right arrangement. Already she has pictures on the wall, and the kitchen shelves all arranged...It's looking very cute and homey, and today I am going to get some pictures for the "After" post. I promise...

I was going to do it yesterday, but I was exhausted...I am not accustomed to carrying boxes and small pieces of furniture, and trying not to drop my third of the washing machine as we carry it in...Not to mention doing it all in a steady rain...We know how to pick moving days! Same kind of weather the last time we moved her!

I needed some recovery time...which I gained by sleeping through much of the Seahawks game...and I note that lately, it is the best way to watch a Seahawks game...

Anyway, it's quite satisfying to see Caitlin settling in and making this home her own in ways that she never did in the rentals. Even Olive is thinking that she likes the place...though she's a little surprised about the pet gate that limits her ramblings throughout...The window by the staircase makes up for it. She likes to watch the world go by...and defend her home against all passersby.

It's all good, and worth the recovery time!

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