Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caitlin's New Digs: Before

After some diffugalties, (family word -- dif-fugue-ul-tees) Caitlin has finally taken possession of her new home! She has survived the exasperating process of buying a foreclosed HUD property, wherein she was required to file for a contract extension because HUD was not ready. She and her realtor and her banker had done all their work, only HUD wasn't finished, but Cait had to file the extension...(bureaucracy, I hate thee). The next exasperation came after we had gone to dinner to celebrate her closing, and got to the condo to open the door for the first time. Because the HUD office is in Seattle, they leave the keys in a contractor box, and give you the code to open it on closing...Except, we couldn't find the contractors box anywhere. "Hi, new neighbors!" Cait muttered as we stalked around the outside of the condo, shining a flashlight in every possible hiding place...Nope, no box to be found. Calls the next morning, revealed that HUD had "forgotten" to put the lock box out, and the keys were still in Seattle. Cait was instructed to get a locksmith to break into her new home. At least, HUD offered to foot the bill...I'm sure it will only take a few months and a dozen phone calls to get that money...

Finally, she was in! And we are excited!! And here are some "before" pictures, as we have a number of improvements planned...

The Entry and the Living Room...which will soon sport a new color on the walls...

The Open Staircase on the other side, glimpse of the Kitchen on the left.

The Kitchen...cabinets soon to be painted...

The Dining Room

The spacious Utility Room

Great little deck and yard

Master Bedroom

View from Master to upstairs landing

Main bath (there's also a half bath downstairs)

Second Bedroom, aka sewing room, library, oh the possibilities!

As I said before, WE are excited, and full of ideas...However, I am slowly becoming aware that really only ONE of us will be implementing her ideas...

...and it's not me.

I'm afraid I have fallen into that parent trap of vicariously living through your child...In this case, fantasizing (I find out now) that I will get to be a co-interior decorator, designer and style maven on this project.

It ain't going to happen...
because (duh!) IT'S NOT MY HOUSE.


The best I can hope for, since my fall into fantasy, is to help implement another's design ideas. My inordinate enthusiasm has relegated me to my rightful place...Mother of Homeowner, who may or may not be allowed to paint the color the Homeowner chooses.

In lieu of my fantasy, I have now put my creative energies into cleaning...EVERYTHING. I'm good at it, baby! I ROCK at cleaning! I have the empty Magic Eraser boxes to prove it! And I am setting the foundation of good design -- CLEANLINESS! What is good design without cleanliness, I ask you???

I content myself with this role, and maybe if I am good and remember "THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE", I may even get the opportunity to wield a paint brush with more than primer on it.

Be still my heart!

Forgive me, Daughter Homeowner, for forgetting that I already have a house, and now it is YOUR turn to be decorator, style maven extraodinaire! You're doing a great job, and REALLY I am so happy for you.

Can I please paint now?


mom vg said...

Glad to be the "better" half aka assistant to the Realtor sorry for all the delays and I totally feel your pain as being the mother of the kinda makes you want a new house, right??? We could help you find a rental to paint to your heart's content....let us know!! :) Love you cuz!
Joan :)

Tami said...

Nice place! I can't wait to see the 'after' pics. So, you don't get to make design decisions but you get to clean and paint. Stop and think about it!

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