Monday, March 29, 2010

4 girls, 2 days of downtown Seattle shopping equals...

...something that looks like this...

Oh -- and this too...

I'd say we did our share to stimulate the economy.

We stayed at the Westin, and because they liked us they gave us a view room.

It was stupendous!!

I had my first Nordstrom's shopping experience. I'm a fan -- no, a FAN!  I'm ruined for Costco clothes forever. I will now always need someone to help me find things that are just right.

We dined at the Icon Grill...YUMMY Ultimate Mac 'n Cheese. AMAZING Hot Fudge Sundae.

Saturday we hit University Village before we headed north...H& M, Anthropologie, Brighton -- new stores, new shopping horizons...SUCH fun! Quintessential friendly stores, umbrellas to borrow every 30 ft., lots of green sensibilities, the obviously wealthy mingling with students and families on their Saturday shopping walks. Of course, more than one Starbucks...If I hadn't been having so much fun shopping, I could have had just as much fun people-watching.

But, it was time to go home...If we had stayed much longer, I fear I would have needed a Bail-out.

Carol, Lisa, myself & Caitlin -- whose Golden Birthday we were celebrating (26 on the 26th!). What a GREAT way to celebrate our girl! Thanks for making me an honorary member of Dickson Medical Clinic for the weekend!

And, Lisa, keep those green sandals...They're the bomb!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It was a Farming Day today...and a good one!

Ohhhhh, I helped The Farmer today. It was planting day...10 acres, 68 rows, I don't want to know how many plants!!

I'm sore and tired and happy that it's done. I can only talk about it now because I spent an hour in the tub, soaking and scrubbing myself clean.

Then I had enchiladas, which I wisely made yesterday for leftovers today...Bless me!

Soon I will indulge in mindless TV watching, and a piece of chocolate cake, with mocha fudge ice cream.

Because I earned it!

Things started a big ruggedly, with boxes of frozen roots. We had to improvise which involved a lot of water, in the bags of they would thaw, which they did. Sweet!

But it made my job (filling the planting buckets with roots) very messy...I was muddy...everywhere! I've spared you from a picture of that. But -- for proof that I was dirty, here's what my hands look like AFTER the scrub brush...

We had 17 men, and 1 brave woman show up to help us get this job done...And they did great!!God bless them!

We were done by 4pm...all that was left was for me to run to bank to get cash for the bonuses...Which I did, as I was, because there was no time. I'm not sure whether to say I have no shame OR I'm not ashamed of being a working Farmer's Wife...I'll go with the latter, though I admit some embarrassment as I walked through the bank lobby with filthy clothing, brown fingernails, mud splatters on my face, hair all askew. Bless that teller! She understood...

Satisfied, I just have one more thing to say..."Grow babies, grow!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Happy Wanderer...

Just has to post this pic of a Happy Little Wanderer who came to visit yesterday. Colby was doing his toddler best to keep up with Daisie...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ahhh, the Farming Life...

Tomorrow, I'm having a party here. My dad is turning 70, and has just healed up from a knee replacement, so we want to celebrate! We've invited family, extended family, and a few friends who are like family to come for morning coffee and muffins. The Likkel Family is known for loving coffee times and visiting so it seemed like a plan that was just right. It's a good thing.

The weather looks to be glorious. I even thought about getting the deck chairs out, but that won't be happening any more.

Ahh, the Farming Life...The Farmer has been trying to schedule, weather permitting, equipment availability  permitting, the spreading of tons and tons of manure on the field we soon will re-plant.

Well, guess when it worked out...You are right -- It all worked out super-smoothly yesterday and today.
This is what has been happening in the field directly behind the house.
And it smells -- a lot.
Another revolting development is that the dog has eaten a gut-load of the loathsome stuff, so she is not feeling too well, and is confined to her crate.

I can only hope that the pungency declines by morning, and that what is left brings back family memories of dairying days gone by...
This is a stretch, I know. But the timing just couldn't be helped -- the weather was right, the equipment was available, and the poop pile needed to go...And all these things take priority, in The Farming Life.

On the bright side, I have one less chore to do. No need to get the deck chairs out and wash them...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunctions of Another Sort...

This morning Daisie and I had to alter our usual walking route as the neighbor was spraying some unknown substance in the field next to ours. It was the better part of valor just to avoid the area. The alternate route brought us closer to the road, and civilization – the possibility of being noticed by the world at large.

This made me conscious of what I was wearing: rubber boots, brown sweats that I had shortened too much, black hoody that has splashes of white paint on it, faded blue fleece vest, and head band over unwashed, unruly hair...Uh, not too pretty.

Immediately I fell into that all too female weakness, comparison. How do those attractive ladies who walk the path in town always look so put together? Even when they are working in their yards, they are dressed in stylish clothing, with matching work gloves...I have the feeling that they get dressed for the day, and wear the same outfit all day – no matter what they are doing!

The same out fit worn all day...what a concept!

I think some of my handicap in the area of clothing comes from growing up on a farm. On a dairy farm you would never get dressed for the day, and wear that same outfit no matter what you were doing! We had Barn Clothes, Everyday Clothes, School Clothes, and Sunday Clothes...and often we wore each one of the categories in a single day.

With all these categories, it sounds as if we had LOTS of clothing, but that was not the case! And it made it all the more necessary to be sure that you changed out of your School Clothes when you got home, to preserve them from unnecessary staining or wear. How many times didn’t we hear Mom say, “Girls! You need to change out of your School Clothes before you get them dirty!”

And there is the crux of the matter: getting dirty.

In our worldview, there were clothes that should never get dirty, and there were clothes that were made for getting dirty...and never the twain shall meet! Woe to the girl who didn’t change into Everyday Clothes before she went out to play, and came back with a grass stain on her School Clothes! She had just reduced her school wardrobe by a third!

And, of course, besides play time, there were plenty of opportunities to get dirty on the farm. Other than School days and Sundays, there was no point in getting hair washed and good clothes on to start the day. You’d probably soon be doing something dirty, manure-y, stinky and sweaty. Barn Clothes were the dregs of our wardrobes, and were suited to this kind of abuse. Often we started the day in clean Barn Clothes, did our work, then showered and changed into Everyday Clothes for work around the house. Later, when Mom decided we should go to town, we changed into School Clothes, which were the equivalent of Town Clothes(or Being-Seen-In-Public Clothes.) When we got home, we changed again into Everyday Clothes, until it was time to do chores. Then the Barn Clothes were donned once again. During evening chores, we wore shower caps to protect our hair from absorbing the barn smell (only partially effective, copious amounts of hairspray were used to cover up any residual smell). Then, it was back to Everyday Clothes for the rest of the evening before bed.

The result of this youthful training is that I cannot choose an outfit based on how it looks. I MUST choose my clothing based on whether it will get dirty, and according to which activity I am involved in.

I know, everyone does that to some extent – but I’ll bet they don’t do it as many times in one day as we Farm Girls do! I have an absolute aversion to wearing Everyday Clothes to work in the yard. If I know I am going to get dirty, I feel I must don the most worn and unappealing clothing that I have (Yard Clothes or Farm Clothes). Then I can safely get as dirty as needed. I’ve been known to change into Cooking Clothes, because I’m kind of messy when I cook. I even have Walking Clothes for Home, and Walking Clothes for Town, because I know I won’t get as dirty in town, as I do around here. I often don’t get in the shower until 10:30 am because I don’t know yet if I’ll be doing something dirty that day...

It’s getting to be a burden, I tell you. I’m tired of changing clothes all the time...It sounds glorious to get ready for the day, put on an outfit and WEAR it, not change it...But to do that, I guess I would have to change my lifestyle, and stop doing so many things that make one dirty. I’m still too much of a Farm Girl for that, and too much of a Dutch Girl to wear Nice Clothes while doing them.

Now that you know my affliction, don’t hold it against me if you see me walking in the early morning with my short brown sweats, paint-splashed hoody, and faded fleece vest. I’m busy getting dirty...I’ll look better later, when I put on my Town Clothes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Princess and the Pea...

Last spring, I bought Daisie a new doggie bed. Her other bed with its faux shearling top was leaving little faux wool balls all over my carpet, and I was tired of it. Costco had some wonderful new beds without faux shearling, so, new bed -- problem solved!

Except for one little thing...
Daisie didn't like the new bed...It stunk of CLEAN...

She flat out rejected it, walked away, and would not lay on it...AT ALL.

Caitlin, being the brilliant girl that she is, finally suggested that we put the old bed on top of the new. It might get Daisie to lay down again, and would transfer some familiar smell to the new one.

As I said, Cait is brilliant! Daisie went for it, tentatively at first!
Soon, we decided to turn things over and see if Daisie would accept the new on top of the old...Sucess! Then it was time to separate the two and put the old one on the deck.
 Inexplicably, Daisie once again rejected the new bed.
What was the problem now???

Caitlin figured it out again. She surmised that Daisie wanted TWO was just not cushy enough. We tested our theory by putting the double in various places around the house. Wherever the double was, she would lay down. Put the single out, we would find her at our side with sad eyes looking up at us.

So it's been 2 beds for The Princess ever since...She even gets creative with her cushions...

It looks like this spring I will be looking for two matching beds at Costco.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Colby spends the day at the Northwood Ranch

Colby, our great-nephew and  a near carbon copy of the previous generation of little Honcoop boys, comes to spend the day with us once a month -- just like his cousin, Miss Madelyn.

Unlike Miss Madelyn, Colby has rarely had the opinion that he'd rather be home. Even this time with a bad cold, he was fine with being here. He wasn't into eating as much as usual, and sleeping with a stuffed up nose proved to be problematic, but for the most part, he just had fun. Madelyn is a homebody. Colby is a little explorer...all around the house!

For the first time, he decided he'd better check out Daisie's bedroom.

He obviously thought it best to keep the door closed...just in case Aunt Les decided it was better than the Pak 'n Play!

Auntie Cait showed up to play and Colby immediately started pulling her hair over her eyes. Apparently, this is a game they play, and once the hair is over her eyes, Auntie Cait is supposed to blow it straight up in the air.  Well done, Auntie Cait! Now -- how long can you keep doing it???

Then it was time to collect blocks for stacking, or for pushing off the table edge.

Then Daisie had to get in on the act with a quick ear cleaning, which tickled! Oh, Daisie!! You are so funny!

Colby decides to lean in for a kiss, and Daisie is happy to oblige -- and we are quick to separate them! Ear cleaning is one thing; kissing -- no way!!( This looks closer than it really was.) They do love each other but affection is limited to pats and following each other around!

I don't have any pictures of all the stair climbing, and ball-rolling (over the edge, of course) -- but a lot of that went on. Never thought about little kids when we chose to have a CURVED stair way...Oh well, what else would I do but follow Colby around anyway? I don't really have the little ones here to be helpful to their moms...I have them here to have fun with them!

And we do!

In fact, we had so much fun that it was time for a cozy rest! Time to watch the John Deere video with Auntie Cait! And by the way, Aunt Les, I don't want a nap this afternoon...Will this do?

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