Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It was a Farming Day today...and a good one!

Ohhhhh, I helped The Farmer today. It was planting day...10 acres, 68 rows, I don't want to know how many plants!!

I'm sore and tired and happy that it's done. I can only talk about it now because I spent an hour in the tub, soaking and scrubbing myself clean.

Then I had enchiladas, which I wisely made yesterday for leftovers today...Bless me!

Soon I will indulge in mindless TV watching, and a piece of chocolate cake, with mocha fudge ice cream.

Because I earned it!

Things started a big ruggedly, with boxes of frozen roots. We had to improvise which involved a lot of water, in the bags of they would thaw, which they did. Sweet!

But it made my job (filling the planting buckets with roots) very messy...I was muddy...everywhere! I've spared you from a picture of that. But -- for proof that I was dirty, here's what my hands look like AFTER the scrub brush...

We had 17 men, and 1 brave woman show up to help us get this job done...And they did great!!God bless them!

We were done by 4pm...all that was left was for me to run to bank to get cash for the bonuses...Which I did, as I was, because there was no time. I'm not sure whether to say I have no shame OR I'm not ashamed of being a working Farmer's Wife...I'll go with the latter, though I admit some embarrassment as I walked through the bank lobby with filthy clothing, brown fingernails, mud splatters on my face, hair all askew. Bless that teller! She understood...

Satisfied, I just have one more thing to say..."Grow babies, grow!"


Tami said...

You are a good woman! I'm sure Randy knows this after today.

Gorgeous weather for planting ;)

Janice said...

You go girl! Farming is hard - I get that! I think as we get older we don't feel we have to make excuses for how we look!

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