Monday, March 29, 2010

4 girls, 2 days of downtown Seattle shopping equals...

...something that looks like this...

Oh -- and this too...

I'd say we did our share to stimulate the economy.

We stayed at the Westin, and because they liked us they gave us a view room.

It was stupendous!!

I had my first Nordstrom's shopping experience. I'm a fan -- no, a FAN!  I'm ruined for Costco clothes forever. I will now always need someone to help me find things that are just right.

We dined at the Icon Grill...YUMMY Ultimate Mac 'n Cheese. AMAZING Hot Fudge Sundae.

Saturday we hit University Village before we headed north...H& M, Anthropologie, Brighton -- new stores, new shopping horizons...SUCH fun! Quintessential friendly stores, umbrellas to borrow every 30 ft., lots of green sensibilities, the obviously wealthy mingling with students and families on their Saturday shopping walks. Of course, more than one Starbucks...If I hadn't been having so much fun shopping, I could have had just as much fun people-watching.

But, it was time to go home...If we had stayed much longer, I fear I would have needed a Bail-out.

Carol, Lisa, myself & Caitlin -- whose Golden Birthday we were celebrating (26 on the 26th!). What a GREAT way to celebrate our girl! Thanks for making me an honorary member of Dickson Medical Clinic for the weekend!

And, Lisa, keep those green sandals...They're the bomb!


Tami said...

Vans filled with shopping bags from the city are one of my favorite things. I'm glad you had a successful and fun trip!

When I was single I pretty much only shopped Nordstrom, then marriage, kids etc. happened. I bought my clothes at Costco because I was there anyway. Feeding guys and all, you know. Last week Fred mentioned that I may want to go back to Nordstroms.

Back to my roots. Back to style and help in the dressing room. Back to quality, back to their cafe instead of a Costco lunch. I'm so happy to go back especially after seeing your filled van!

oh, and Happy Golden Birthday Caitlin!

2boys2girls2ofakind said...

looks an amazing time for sure!

Janice said...

We're heading there next weekend to celebrate Emily's 15th bday - YIKES!! We won't be quite as posh as you as we'll be at the Embassy - but bags will be carried, coffees will be downed, and girls will laugh - can't wait! thanks for sharing - I love the bags! So wish we had a Nordstroms around here. My mom and I went school shopping at South Center every year at the 1/2 yearly sale -- oh for the days............

Sole Obsession Footwear said...

Looks like the perfect trip. I just experienced University village for the first time last month. It is amazing.

Jenn said...

Hi Leslie ~ nice to meet you all yesterday in line to see Ree! I was so tongue tied when I met her!! ugh! So much for Seizing My moment with her! ha ha!! Your farm in incredible!! Wow you all work hard!! LOVE the back of your van after your trip to Seattle! he he!
Looking forward to following along with you through your blog! You were all great to stand in line with!

Jenn ~ Seizing My Day

Holly said...

It was so much fun hanging out with you and the other girls on Sat. ! Bonded for life after some of those stories!!!!

Love those other ladies in the picture too!!! Happy birthday (late) Caitlin!!

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