Friday, March 19, 2010

Ahhh, the Farming Life...

Tomorrow, I'm having a party here. My dad is turning 70, and has just healed up from a knee replacement, so we want to celebrate! We've invited family, extended family, and a few friends who are like family to come for morning coffee and muffins. The Likkel Family is known for loving coffee times and visiting so it seemed like a plan that was just right. It's a good thing.

The weather looks to be glorious. I even thought about getting the deck chairs out, but that won't be happening any more.

Ahh, the Farming Life...The Farmer has been trying to schedule, weather permitting, equipment availability  permitting, the spreading of tons and tons of manure on the field we soon will re-plant.

Well, guess when it worked out...You are right -- It all worked out super-smoothly yesterday and today.
This is what has been happening in the field directly behind the house.
And it smells -- a lot.
Another revolting development is that the dog has eaten a gut-load of the loathsome stuff, so she is not feeling too well, and is confined to her crate.

I can only hope that the pungency declines by morning, and that what is left brings back family memories of dairying days gone by...
This is a stretch, I know. But the timing just couldn't be helped -- the weather was right, the equipment was available, and the poop pile needed to go...And all these things take priority, in The Farming Life.

On the bright side, I have one less chore to do. No need to get the deck chairs out and wash them...


Tami said...

Yep, the poop factor. No party planner in our sweet little town can plan when the manure will hit the field, so to speak.

But we always say that we'd rather have poop spread on a party day than more subdivisions and neighbors.

Happy 70th Ivan!

Janice said...

My husband always called that "the smell of money!!" - his nose is so "burnt" out from all the farming years, he can't even smell it anymore!!!

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