Monday, March 1, 2010

Colby spends the day at the Northwood Ranch

Colby, our great-nephew and  a near carbon copy of the previous generation of little Honcoop boys, comes to spend the day with us once a month -- just like his cousin, Miss Madelyn.

Unlike Miss Madelyn, Colby has rarely had the opinion that he'd rather be home. Even this time with a bad cold, he was fine with being here. He wasn't into eating as much as usual, and sleeping with a stuffed up nose proved to be problematic, but for the most part, he just had fun. Madelyn is a homebody. Colby is a little explorer...all around the house!

For the first time, he decided he'd better check out Daisie's bedroom.

He obviously thought it best to keep the door closed...just in case Aunt Les decided it was better than the Pak 'n Play!

Auntie Cait showed up to play and Colby immediately started pulling her hair over her eyes. Apparently, this is a game they play, and once the hair is over her eyes, Auntie Cait is supposed to blow it straight up in the air.  Well done, Auntie Cait! Now -- how long can you keep doing it???

Then it was time to collect blocks for stacking, or for pushing off the table edge.

Then Daisie had to get in on the act with a quick ear cleaning, which tickled! Oh, Daisie!! You are so funny!

Colby decides to lean in for a kiss, and Daisie is happy to oblige -- and we are quick to separate them! Ear cleaning is one thing; kissing -- no way!!( This looks closer than it really was.) They do love each other but affection is limited to pats and following each other around!

I don't have any pictures of all the stair climbing, and ball-rolling (over the edge, of course) -- but a lot of that went on. Never thought about little kids when we chose to have a CURVED stair way...Oh well, what else would I do but follow Colby around anyway? I don't really have the little ones here to be helpful to their moms...I have them here to have fun with them!

And we do!

In fact, we had so much fun that it was time for a cozy rest! Time to watch the John Deere video with Auntie Cait! And by the way, Aunt Les, I don't want a nap this afternoon...Will this do?

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Janice said...

Isn't it fun to have them and then send them home?! When I have little ones in the house, the noises bring back great memories - and remind me that I enjoy the quiet - but I do miss the kid noise sometimes too!!

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