Saturday, January 2, 2016

All the Christmases...

Once again, it was a happy Christmastime...and once again, it was a busy Christmastime.

This is a problem you have when you have families that enjoy each other, and feel the holidays aren't complete without seeing each other...A full calendar, and an overload of good times and good food.

Such suffering! {wink}

The Season of Goodness began with the Honcoop Family Christmas gathering here on December 20th. The out-of-town Honcoops came across the mountains, and from the south to join us, which made it extra fun. Thirty-eight people in our house all talking and laughing and enjoying the kids antics makes for one loud, but happy party! 10 of the 38 were children -- who provide the entertainment nowadays! We had such fun watching the greats open gifts; and then the grandkids unwrapped their presents from Gramma & Grampa. Gramma always sends them out with money to do their own shopping -- with the rule that they must wrap it up and bring it to the party. I quite enjoy watching her delight at their purchases.

Miss Emma made her debut at the Honcoop Party. Blessings on Dillon and Tiffany, who were experiencing some of those challenging days of beginning of parenthood, for making it to the party, There were many family members eager to meet the Little Miss! Emma took the attention well, sleeping sweetly in many different arms that afternoon. She knows how to handle being adored! It was a great day, and fun start to the Week of Christmas Parties!

On Wednesday night, Emma and I had our own little overnight Christmas party when I stayed the night with her so her mommy & daddy could get some uninterrupted sleep. Please don't take offense, family, but this was my favorite Christmas party of the week...the Little Miss all to myself!

On Christmas Eve, Cait & Jon went south to join Jon's extended family for their celebration. Meanwhile, Randy, Jess & I picked up the Likkel's (Ivan & Kay) for a DQ blizzard and a tour of Christmas lights around town. While we were enjoying our ice cream, who should appear but Dillon, Tiffany & Emma who needed a little Christmas Eve celebrating of their own. A lovely meeting!

Christmas Day was Turkey Dinner Day, and not entirely successful. I had purchased what I thought to be a small turkey for this day. Somehow it turned out to be a large turkey breast instead. No dark meat?! Not Christmas dinner. So I had to find other turkey parts, legs & thighs, to correct this deficiency. However, I found that a whole turkey is much greater than the sum of its parts. The white meat was dry, while the dark was chewy...All I can say is that if I ever needed gravy to turn out well this was it...And thankfully, dinner was saved this way. The Likkels joined Randy, Jess and I for Christmas dinner, and they are a gracious bunch.

I thought that was a weird shaped little turkey...Live and loin!

The RanHonFam Christmas was enjoyed on Boxing Day. Dillon, Tiffany & Emma had returned from their Canadian Christmas to spend the day with us, and we enjoyed the usual fun AND  new fun in having a baby in the family! We have to admonish Grandpa Randy to share Emma. His strategy is to walk in the room, pick her up, and don't give her up until someone makes him. I guess I can just be glad that he has not expressed any interest in sleepover baby-sitting.

Our last party was the Likkel Christmas Party, where we enjoyed soup and bread, a nice change from turkey and party food. People did puzzles, played games, and Miss Emma was once again debuted and enjoyed by more Great Aunties, Uncles and cousins! A few years ago, our family let go of buying gifts for each other, and now do a group gift to a charity, This year the Parkinsons Foundation was chosen. The money box is filled with cash, anonymously...But I am so pleased to know that our kids have inherited their grandparents generous hearts as the gift, when tallied, is always bigger than we expect.

It makes for joyful hearts.

All these parties and gatherings are great, and I look forward to them...And after they are done, I look forward to the satisfied quietness that follows. I used to be so sad when Christmas was over. As the years pass, I find myself more and more content at the end of the season, grateful for times of rejoicing, fun and celebration -- but also grateful for an everyday life that satisfies.

God bless us, everyone!

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