Friday, January 26, 2007

I just have to say it!

NEWSFLASH! John Kerry has decided not to run for President!

Don't you think it should be:
NEWSFLASH! John Kerry was actually thinking of running for President!

It is somewhat unbelieveable to me that this poor guy was actually considering it! Since the last election, it seems that he has become almost a caricature, making unbelievable statements and claims. The way he lost the last election made him irrelevant, and his actions since have only deepened that...

I do have to say a hearty thank you to him, though...I am grateful to be spared the irritation of watching him struggle through the embarassment of trying to gain relevancy. Leave with a shred of dignity, Mr. Kerry...and I do respect you for recognizing the hopelessness of a run for President. I feel better!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Verbosity: Because I want to say something about everything

So -- I'm starting my own blog...Hmmmm...perhaps evidence of an inflated idea of my own importance...or on the other hand, an expression of mercy for my family and friends...who have so graciously listened to me in the past...but now may be spared as I have a new outlet for my many and varied comments on life...Burned into my memory from the days of high school advanced comp class is the adage, "tell your story once, and tell it on paper"...I supposed updated for the times it should say, "tell your story once, and tell it where someone can read it..." So this blog is my attempt to tell my stories -- in case some want to hear, and even more, so those who are tired of hearing of them, can ignore them -- while I can still be satisfied in the telling...

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