Friday, March 12, 2010

The Princess and the Pea...

Last spring, I bought Daisie a new doggie bed. Her other bed with its faux shearling top was leaving little faux wool balls all over my carpet, and I was tired of it. Costco had some wonderful new beds without faux shearling, so, new bed -- problem solved!

Except for one little thing...
Daisie didn't like the new bed...It stunk of CLEAN...

She flat out rejected it, walked away, and would not lay on it...AT ALL.

Caitlin, being the brilliant girl that she is, finally suggested that we put the old bed on top of the new. It might get Daisie to lay down again, and would transfer some familiar smell to the new one.

As I said, Cait is brilliant! Daisie went for it, tentatively at first!
Soon, we decided to turn things over and see if Daisie would accept the new on top of the old...Sucess! Then it was time to separate the two and put the old one on the deck.
 Inexplicably, Daisie once again rejected the new bed.
What was the problem now???

Caitlin figured it out again. She surmised that Daisie wanted TWO was just not cushy enough. We tested our theory by putting the double in various places around the house. Wherever the double was, she would lay down. Put the single out, we would find her at our side with sad eyes looking up at us.

So it's been 2 beds for The Princess ever since...She even gets creative with her cushions...

It looks like this spring I will be looking for two matching beds at Costco.


Ridgely said...

Forget the pea, put a grapefruit under there! :)

2boys2girls2ofakind said...

she's a smart dog!

tami said...

We have many of the Costco beds- One for the dog house in Hawley's kennel, one for in the house and lastly, one to put on the patio, lawn or garage so Hawley can be right by us and comfy too.

I buy a new one every Fall and we rotate one out.

A dog's life isn't so bad!

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