Monday, October 24, 2011

Progress -- without pictures...

Just an update for you all who are waiting with bated breath to keep up with my mesmerizing life...We are making progress in Caitlin's condo...After some paint swatches that were not "it", Cait finally found the color, or at least the closest thing to it, that she wanted on the living room wall.


I feel so fulfilled now.

And I got the rest of the place cleaned (aka sanitized), and now I have a repetitive stress injury in my wrist and thumb from all the scrubbing. Randy says it's just Mr. Arthur-itis, but I am choosing to believe it will heal and go away...eventually.

Anyway, the cabinets are all painted, and lovely...the new dining room light fixture is up, and move-in day will be later this week...after the carpets are cleaned, and Cait recoats my living room painting.

And THEN we will give you some pictures...we've just been too busy...and our hands seemed to have alot of paint on them...

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