Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Valentines...

The special day is past, but I still wanted to post my favorite Valentine cards. I found these at my formerly favorite antique store. Sadly, it is now closed. I am sad...My husband and my checkbook are glad.

Anyway, I think we should go back to sending these kind of Valentines!

The most honest Valentine I've ever seen...

This one looks so good in my grandma's art deco frame and is quite romantic in spite of the kiddie picture.
The verse: "Give me but thy love and I envy none beneath the sky."

And this tiny print: "So much of health, So much of wealth, Naught to annoy, Much to enjoy"  Now THAT'S true love!


Ridgely said...

These are utterly charming....great finds!!

Janice said...

Love them! Great decorations! I love what it says about baking bread and cake..............Randy would probably still send that one! :-)

Ross and Taya said...

These were so much fun. Vintage & Love go together so well.

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