Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Madelyn comes to visit...

Miss Madelyn came to play for the day, yesterday. She is our great-niece and it is our privilege to get to spend the day with her about once a month. Oh, she is a cutie! And she is an opinionated little gal. Until recently, she was of the opinion that it was not good to spend time with anyone except her mommy and daddy. We were happy to have her, but she was not usually so happy to see us -- especially at the beginning of the day. Eventually, she would resign herself to her fate, and play, eat and sleep -- but just to make sure we knew that she had not CHANGED her mind -- she was just being accomodating -- she would throw in a sad look now and then...Believe me, it was a SAD,SAD look. (Boys, watch out! This girl already knows how to break hearts!)

However, something happened to Miss Madelyn between this visit and her last...

She learned how to crawl! ("I'm comin' for ya, Daisie!")

And she learned how to walk around the furniture.

Life has new interest and meaning. Indeed, she still let Dad know that she loves him the most of all -- but after that, well, there was a whole new world to explore! Things to do! Places to go! And she kept busy all day...Delightfully, this little girl loves to jabber while she plays, and punctuates her talk with excited squeals and episodes of wiggly dancing. Unsolicited smiles and chuckles were our pleasure to see and hear.

We had such a fun day!

I'm glad the Madelyn's opinion of visiting us has turned to the positive...and it's going to be fun to see what other opinions that little one comes up with in the next few years!


Ridgely said...

Wait till she starts two will have a grand time! :)

Gramma said...

What great news !!! Glad you had a good day .. I get her in 2 weeks .. cute pics ...!!
Gramma Deb

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