Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where did January go?

A whole month with no blogging...I just didn’t have anything to say. Blame it on the January doldrums, and the fact that I began the year (literally, Januray 1) with a most violent stomach virus. I blame it for my descent into the doldrums, but they are gone now, as is January, and I must make amends.

It’s not as if nothing happened in January! There were some memorable and wonderful developments... not the least of which was Tiffany’s acquistion of a visa!!! HURRAH!! TIFFANY IS NOW FREE TO MOVE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY...SHE LIVES HERE NOW!! I seriously doubt that we could be happier than Dillon is about this, but we are ALL pretty happy about it!

Another HURRAH! is shouted for the fact that CAITLIN HAS STARTED RUNNING AGAIN!!! She has managed to get back into it just before the One Year Anniversary of the Toe Breakage arrived. Now if she could just get rid of her cold, sore throat and hacking cough, she’d be out there every day.

Dillon turned 27 and now has a wife to bake him a cake...and it was the John Deere Tractor cake that his mother never did get right. Marriage -- it's a good thing!

A big GRRRRRR was uttered by Jess, our personal Toyota Vehicle Salesman, for the StopSell on 8 models of Toyota’s... Especially since he was about to close a deal on one of them when the order came down. So far the negative effects have been less than they expected, but it’s another challenge for trying to sell cars in this economy. So weird! It’s almost as if the government would rather you bought GM or something!

And, oh yeah, Randy & I went to Orlando, Florida for a week where we visited Disney World and Kennedy Space Center and ate way too much good food...Just the usual Whatcom Farmer’s Co-op Board trip. Pictures to follow...
The first park we visited was Epcot...Spaceship Earth here, the park icon.
The beautiful China Pavilion...
The Magic Kingdom...I just love Main Street U.S.A.!

The Classics: Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Caribbean

Big Thunder Mtn. Railroad

This is where they put the Disney World Heretics...

Disney Hollywood Studios...We visited this one twice!Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show

We enjoyed that with the Bedlingtons and Juergens...It's a great show!

We rode the tethered hot air balloon over Downtown Disney...400ft in the air, folks, and I didn't even cry! I'm a pro since that Peak2Peak Gondola...

You can see the Disney Parks in the distance...DisneyWorld is a big place!

We did more fun things in Downtown Disney...SHOPPING @ Legoland...

...and World of Disney (Shopping Buds Anna & Clara here!)
We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe...Watch out for the Elephant!

Cirque du Soleil was on hiatus the week we were there...but their store was full of cool stuff!

The day at Kennedy Space Center was great! We took the bus tour and got to see the shuttle on the launch pad...And we never knew there were SO many launch pads there!

Behind us, on Launch Pad 39A, the shuttle stands ready for an early Feb. launch.

Gators were plentiful beside the roads....Vehicle Assembly Building...The blue field of the flag is as big as a regulation size basketball court!

The crawlerway...huge road for moving the shuttle...A glimpse inside the VAB...

Another gator...Launch 39B...never to be used again as the Shuttle program ends this year.

An mock-up orbiter, Explorer, that you can go in and examine. It's next to the building where you can ride the "Space Shuttle Launch Experience" and feel a bit of what a real launch is like.  Kennedy Space Center is huge, and an amazing place, where amazing things are done all the time. So glad we got the chance to see it!


Ridgely said...

Hey friend,

Glad to see someone has a life. I haven't blogged for a month either because I do nothing but go to work and come home. Pretty exciting stuff!

Janice said...

That's some serious fun and making memories going on! Hope you got some warm weather as I think there were days in Jan. that we were warmer than Florida!

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