Monday, March 3, 2014

After our return from Tropical Paradise, 2 weekends of winter...

I thought this would all be over by the time we returned from Hawaii...

No! Winter came back just for me to enjoy for a little longer.

Thanks, Winter -- and I hope you're not surprised that I am the only one thanking you...

February 24 & 25...

The roads became much more difficult to negotiate as the day wore on...At this point, the snow plow had come through...but they had to forget the side roads after this, and just try to keep the Badger open...And did not succeed -- had to close it for a few hours.
 And now, yesterday and today, March 2 & 3...MARCH!

Our weather station became non-functional...

Glad the buds are still tight!

Our clump birch trees are obviously 2 different varieties!
The left one has had some natural pruning this weekend.

This maple is a lot wider than usual.

It is just so pretty, though!

Not sure how my blueberries will handle it...their buds weren't so tight.

Same for the forsythia! I hope that soon there will be yellow blooms all over this.
Because even I am done with winter.

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