Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dreary Days for Daisie

Daisie greeted me this morning with severe apathy...Apparently she could hear the rain on the roof, and had already decided that she would not be venturing out -- no matter that many hours had passed since her bladder had been emptied. My coaxing, and then urging, did not encourage her to move one bit. She ignored me completely. Later, I tried brute force, pushing her out the door; but even though I moved to the lawn and walked a bit, she stayed on the cement, scraping the side of the house to stay under the eaves. I gave up! Back in we went, and finally after more than 12 hours of tanking it, there was a bit of a break in the rain, and with Randy's urging (more effective than mine!) she did her duties...But she was quick to come back in...and then the moping continued through the rest of the day...Poor boxer!


Ross & Taya Black said...

Hey, Hey! You're Back to Blogging! We were expecting some Presidential Primary Posts at some point... We sure appreciate you guys, Ross & Taya

Megan said...

Yeah! A post from my big sis! Oh, that Daisie...what an expressive little bugger. :) Maybe she needs to go tanning!

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