Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a skiff...

Daisie and I enjoyed a walk this morning with just a little snow on the ground, and a little more in the air. The white stuff makes it very exciting for Daisie. She immediately is compelled to eat a bunch, as if she is responsible for clean-up and overwhelmed by the job! The recent cold weather has kept her bounding through our walks, either from excitement, or from trying to keep her feet off the cold ground! I have a sweater for her to wear -- she is not a hairy dog! -- but she is usually distressed by the attire, and walks kinked to the side, trying to see or bite the offending article. The other day she managed to get her coat (yes-- she has one of those too) loose from around her neck, but it stayed fastened around her middle and just kept sliding further and further back -- a little uncomfortable for running around. She was visibly disappointed that her efforts did not bring a greater freedom, rather a greater annoyance. Lately, I have let her go outside unclothed. She seems undeterred by the temperature, which has been as low as 20 degrees, and is eager to go out. Her reaction to rain is markedly different, but I don't mind that as I have a similar one! NO rain-walking!

I am hoping for more snow. I guess it is the childishness in me -- still present at 47 years of age! Snow is so Christmasy! It makes inside so cozy! It clothes the homeliness of the world in beauty...And I have to admit, I love the excitement of an impending storm! What kind of adventure might we have? Will we be reliant on only our resources out here, cut off from the world? Our favorite forecaster has predicted a long series of Arctic events that could provide plenty of excitement for me in the weeks ahead...Oh boy! I got my potatoes, canned goods, batteries and supplies and I am ready...Now -- we're just waiting for the snow...

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