Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Spring Decor EVER...

A week ago or so, I found that a nest had been built in the old berry carrier I have in my front porch shelf decor. I contemplated destroying it, as I know that it will be accompanied by a rather large mess...but my curiosity as to what might happen there overruled. I left the nest...And now it is home to 3 bright blue eggs, and a rather protective Momma Robin. (See Momma on the right?)

It's just the most natural looking, truly spring themed and beautiful decor I have ever had on my front porch! It surely beats the silk flowers and vintage ceramic lamby...It's a little startling to have Momma Robin rush out with a noisy greeting every time you open the door, but as long as she tolerates us, we'll tolerate her. Can't wait to see little baby robin beaks peaking over the top!

It will be worth the mess!


2boys2girls2ofakind said...

I just think that is so neat. Can't wait to hear that the babies arrived. What a perfect home for them.

Ridge said...

I'm so envious! I have "fake" bird's nests all over my house! Can I come visit the babies?

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