Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Cowboy Breakfast...

Several years ago, my dad came up with the idea of celebrating the 4th of July with a Cowboy Breakfast -- everything cooked over a fire. It's been a much-loved tradition since. We start every Independence Day with a wonderfully eclectic group of friends and family around a fire, cup of coffee or juice in hand, watching the experts manage the cooking. Some dress for the occasion; others are just dressed. :D The decor is decidedly patriotic!

My mom's sister, Marcia and her husband, Joey, kids Joey & Jada, every year make the trek from Portland to be here. Joey is assistant cook, and he and Dad turn out pounds of sausage & bacon, pancake after pancake, as well as eggs. Mom & Marcia run from house to fire with batter and butter, syrup, and fill the roaster on the table with skillet potatoes flavored with peppers and onions.

This year the event took place in the new Northwood Pavilion, a shelter constructed by Dad using materials salvaged from the barn, as well as other favorite old buildings and construction sites...a perfect venue! It was so comfortable with the sun outside, and a pleasant breeze flowing through it. People waited in line for their pancakes, enjoying the conversation.

Cooking in cast iron over an open fire requires copious amounts of...uh...grease...Such tastiness! Buttery, salty with bacon grease pancakes and syrup, crusty sausages & crispy bacon, peppered potatoes...It's so good that, we must admit, a fair bit of gluttony occurs. :D But it's only once a year, and in honor of a Great Celebration, so we feel no guilt...though, a little discomfort...

Sister Megan says that everyone should get to come to a Cowboy Breakfast at least once in their lives...I tend to agree. Sorry, Mom -- we're increasing the guest list! :D

Larry & Erin's dog, Roxy, was supposed to stay home -- but we think she smelled the bacon and followed her nose...She's trying to act contrite, but can't stop smiling!

Dad's new flagpole...

The littlest cowgirl! Great-niece Madelyn was an angel for her first Cowboy Breakfast...a new generation of patriots comes!


Ridge said...

What a great tradition! America at its best. I must have missed our invitation in the mail! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. Wish i could have been there. GH

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