Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Somebody cares...

I got this in the mail a couple days ago:

I am glad to know that the US Postal System cares. They care, but they can't stop your mail from being ripped to shreds sometimes.

This is what was inside:

A sliver of envelope, and a shred of photo card. Fortunately, our return address was preserved so they could send it back to us to let us know...Yes, so helpful...Except, there is no way to know who was supposed to get this names, no partial scrawls of greeting to solve the mystery. Our only clue is that the shred of stamp left on the envelope indicates that there were 2 of them -- so this card was for one of our Canadian family or friends.

SO -- WE CARE TOO!! We're sorry that you didn't get your card, dear nameless family or friend. I hope you check my blog to know that you were not forgotten!! Of course, the only way you would know about my blog is from the Christmas letter...sigh...
Merry Christmas...we care...

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