Friday, July 9, 2010

It's been a little busy, here on the Farm...

Crazy busy, in fact. Picking season has begun in fits and starts...The cold, wet weather during bloom time has translated into a harvest that is just piddling along...a little ripening at a time. The 30 degree temperature swing in the last week has not been the best antidote for that either. While the heat brings on the ripening, this kind of heat is starting to cook the poor little buggers right on to the bush.

I'll make no bones about it -- Raspberries, and their farmers, are pretty particular about the weather.

And since we can't do anything about the weather, we'll leave it out of the equation and tell you that the rest is going well. Good crew, no rain, the machines are working...We're getting 'er done!

And the machines are out in the field every day now, working, working, working...

But a few other things are going on too:
We celebrated the 4th of July with our Annual Cowboy Breakfast... That's my pa, cooking over the fire -- pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon...Yum!

Daisie got a new best friend -- Macy, Dillon & Tiffany's foster dog. She is a good girl -- and the two of them together have happy times, running, chasing, and panting in the shade.

I harvested my first crop from the garden!  They're gone already...crunch!

The Farmer's been busy pounding posts...Somehow this job always falls during the hottest weather...

And I keep busy trying to keep The Farmer fed...I made this recipe of Mexican lasagna. It's huge! A single recipe yielded these two overflowing pans. One is in the freezer...for another day. Very delicious, if I say so myself. The Farmer is reluctant to eat this time of year -- too busy, you know -- so it's good to have tempting dishes on hand.
While it's a great, and great BIG recipe, it had a lot of steps, and I made a LOT of mess!!  Had to call in the K-9 Vacuum for clean-up! Thanks for earning your keep, Daisie!

And while we're busy doing other things, the baby berries just keep growing and growing and looking good!

And that's good, because next year, we hope to see them filling up a lot of these:


Ridgely said...

And then there's always those pesky people dropping by to pick berries! Thank you, dear friend, for a fun morning. It was a real treat for Jess...lots of memories! I think I need that mexican lasagna recipe!

Janice said...

Blessed unpredictable weather! I'm not complaining - I like the sunshine!! But wouldn't it be nice if we could've gont from 55 to 90 in 5-10 degree increments?!?!

Holly said...

Your pictures are so much better at showing how the picker works!!!
Are you going to share that recipe??? Please, please!!!! The LC cookbook comes out in a few weeks and is it ever going to be good. I was drooling while I was editing!!!

The farm looks great!!

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