Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anticipation Lost or The Backside of Winter...

Surprisingly, I haven't had much to say of late. The blog has been quiet. I can't think of what to write that's of any interest. I pondered this and realized the same thing happened last year.

It's something about January...and maybe February too...the doldrums of the year...the most boring months. -- Well, except for the year I gave birth to our first child -- that was the best January of my life!

No way to top that one anymore...

As I pondered further I realized that these 2 downer months (January & February) follow my favorite months of November and December. November and December are the Months of Motivation and Anticipation!! Cozy times, anticipation of wintry weather, and happy holidays ahead -- time to get ready for storms and parties, fill up your days with special activities, looking forward to making happy memories!

Correspondingly, it seems that January & February are the Lack of Motivation Months, The Backside of Winter, where all the anticipation is gone: the hope of wintry weather has faded, the holidays are but a memory, and you realize you forgot to plant your daffodils so no happy sunny faces will be popping out of the ground to cheer you...

I wish it wasn't so, but I can't seem to live out the high times without balancing them with low times. I guess I just have a finite amount of energy and emotion at any given time. If I use it up too fast, I must take some time refilling the resevoir.

Maybe if I see January and February as re-charging time, I can find a new appreciation for the doldrums*.  We KNOW that a wind will pick up again soon...Perhaps this way, I'll be ready.

January and February may be boring, but they certainly have been beautiful!!

*doldrums: an old sea-faring term that referred to a quiet sea with the absence of wind & movement
You didn't want your sailboat to be stuck in the doldrums as you would go nowhere.

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