Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daisie's back!

She's able to get up into her favorite chair again...and she looks sad, but that is just because I am taking her picture. She learned this from the human kids...
I am happy to report that my once stoned and miserable dog is back to her normal self. She has passed beyond the pain and the meds and is back to her happy demeanor. She still limps, and she still has some stitches in her leg, but she seems to be free from misery and has begun using her leg in a normal way.

I didn’t expect her to be doing this well, this soon…because, I took my normal view from the negative perspective.

Oh so much emotion wasted on pessimism…When will I ever learn?

But let me just say a little more…Two weeks into a 2 month recovery, Daisie is trying to run and play. That leaves 6 weeks of restricted activity with a dog that thinks she is ready to take on the world as normal.

I predict there is still SOME misery ahead and pain of a different sort – more the kind you feel in your neck or your butt. However, I will force some optimism here and say that it is a better problem to be dealing with than pain, and narcotic stupors.

I’m really so happy to have a happy Daisie dog around the house again. It is great to see that she will be back to her normal routine and activity by the time Spring arrives.

And I might just have the bill paid by that time too…

I’m only complaining a little bit because the companionship and entertainment that Daisie gives is worth it…and I’m serious about that statement.

It just might be easier to have made monthly payments over the course of her whole life…just sayin’…

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Ridgely said...

Happy puppy....why is it so much harder to watch those we love go thru issues than it is to do it ourselves?

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