Sunday, February 2, 2014


It’s Game Day. The Big One…the game you can’t name unless you pay royalties…

Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl!!!!!

So sue me. It seems like cutting your nose off to spite your face when you don’t allow people to use the title of the Biggest Game of the Year!

I usually enjoy the Super Bowl, but this year…OH FOR GOODNESS!...I am crazy excited!


This season has been so much fun…I love football, and I love the characters that are on this team…and I sincerely hope that they come home with the trophy today.

After they defeated the 49ers, I thought, “This is enough. Even if they don’t win the Super Bowl, I will be happy with this championship.”

Not anymore!

I want them to win! I’m as nervous as I used to be when my boys were in the high school playoffs!

And a little bit sad because even when they win, it will be the last game of the season…and August is a long time coming.

Like so many die-hard Seahawks fans, we are NOT having a party. No distractions! We are concentrating on the game.


I think I might call everyone to come over and party AFTER the game…

What do you think?

I know I’M IN! GO HAWKS!!!!


Tami said...

So happy! It was so much fun though I just about made my self sick with a bad case of nerves.
Have fun in Seattle on Friday. I think you should make a sign letting the team know 'Lynden Loves the Seahawks' because it's the truth AND I may be able to spot you in the crowd on TV.

Holly said...

Nest year we should have a party with you guys and Tami and Fred. No chatter, just cheer! We're the same distractions! But it's hard not to share in the joy!
I agree with Tami on the sign. I'll be watching for you!

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