Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Looking back at July...It wasn't ALL berry picking...but mostly.

The Fourth of July Cowboy Breakfast!

 Caitlin and Tiffany manned the pancake mixing table...

 The yard was full of cars, and our neighbor came on his tractor.

 Dillon and Jon were the cooks.

Lots of good food consumed, as usual!

Lunchtime for the crew: the phones come out and they catch up on what is going on out in the world.

Sunset through the smoke haze.

Daisie, the weed killing dog!

The Edwards Family came over from Spokane so we could meet our newest great niece, Piper!

Brielle helping Aunt Cindy with her phone.

Some hand-pickers came to visit. They preferred the blueberries! :)

Those machines are BIG!

Showing Uncle Randy how much they picked.

Precious pink baby toes!

Precious Piper!
Way too much of this...

The beautifully growing baby field was a bright spot!

We ended the season with a few days of picking into barrels.

The last load on the last day.
I enjoyed the flowers from the yard, which were at their best in later July.

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