Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Parental Moving Company...

On Sunday, I instagrammed my breakfast and received comments that indicated you all thought I made it.

I appreciate your faith in me…but it is misplaced. That lovely dish was created by the cook at Calico Cupboard in downtown Mt. Vernon. Indeed, it was beautiful, and tasty, and just one of many menu items that I could have happily eaten. So thank you for thinking I would make such a thing, but you can get a plate for yourself when you’re heading down south. Calico Cupboard is highly recommended by me!

We were on our way down to Olympia to move our youngest kid into a new apartment…in the same complex about 200 feet away from where he was.

Easiest move ever! And there were good reasons for it. Jess’ lease was up, and a top floor apartment was available, and said apartment was 200 feet away from his neighbor who seems to have developed a severe sinus problem. Poor guy snores loud enough that Jess was getting little sleep, even after rearranging his schedule: going to bed early to try to be sleeping before the guy below him started up the chainsaw with which he saws logs; going to bed later so he would be too tired to hear; sleeping on the couch; resorting to sleeping pills…

At our family getaway in September (more on that in a later post), Jess was excited to sleep without a next door snorer. Ironically, he ended up sharing a room with us…And had to listen to TWO people snoring…Oh, the humanity!!

Nothing much would work for him back at home except sleeping pills -- not a great solution, too many groggy mornings. Fortunately, he didn’t have to endure too many months of this before the top floor apartment was available. When he originally found this complex, he tried to get a top floor unit but someone beat him to it.  Top floor units have vaulted ceilings, a porch-like entrance and a deck that is sunny. So he is pleased on all fronts that he is now a penthouse dweller.

I use the term penthouse loosely…but it is a nice little place. And the only shared divider is the floor. And his new neighbor was blissfully quiet during his first night there! Sleep, glorious sleep!!
Randy and Jess would load up the big stuff in the pickup while I packed up the kitchen, which took about 15 minutes and 2 boxes…and about 10 minutes to unload and set up in the new one. Bachelors! Pretty much the whole move was that way…not much stuff, and quickly moved and set up. Most of the boxes we moved were full of books, and I kinda love that. We left his library for him to organize, but the rest of the stuff was pretty much functional when we headed out to Vic’s Pizzeria for our reward.

I forgot to take a picture of that, so you all could believe that I made two marvelous meals in one day – and it was indeed marvelous, hand-tossed, cheesy, meaty goodness! A delicious reward!

Apparently, our children know that we will work for food because I remember that Jon and Caitlin treated us to a meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant after moving them in late July.

After a convoluted and, at times, exasperating process, they were able to purchase a little horse farm in the county. They promptly named it Old Glory Horse & Cattle Company, and it is a perfect spot for them.

There is a 3 stall horse barn, with all the amenities a horse and horsewoman would ever want. The pastures are divided and fenced, and there is also a round pen. Sadie and Scooter, Cait's horse and pony are happily living in these luxe accomodations.

They also have a small shop for Jon’s projects, a huge garden, fruit trees and berry bushes galore. The house is a well-made and kept modular home with 3 bedrooms. Best of all, there is a utility room by the back door…a back door which has a pet door in it that accesses a fully fenced yard…AKA Paradise by Olive and Angus! They are thrilled beyond belief at their new little kingdom where they can chase birds away, go in and out at will, sun on the deck, and rummage around underneath it for treasures. Jon’s big Lab, Rex, is amazed at the ball trees everywhere on the property. Trees that drop balls (aka apples)onto the ground to be retrieved, and eventually eaten. Indeed, Paradise.

Access to Paradise...

Paradise! Or Olive's kingdom...Angus is but a serf, or jester...

And Jon and Cait think pretty much the same thing about it! We are so happy that they were able to find and acquire a place that suits them so well.

Cait in her lovely kitchen. She's already been entertaining!

Olive & Angus are so happy in their new home that they don't want to hang out at Gram's house for very long anymore...And seeing this, I understand why...

It is a great blessing to see your kids settled in homey, comfortable dwellings…I miss the years of their lives being centered in our home, but it is even better to see their homes become a new center for them, and the lives they now lead as adults…even when we are needed to help them move!
Really, that is why we do the work to move them – but don’t tell them because we like the meal too.


Ridgely said...

She's got my yellow kitchen....the one I wish I had! So happy for all!

Tami said...

So great for your kiddos! You're pretty great 'rents to help them move. I'm at the age now where anytime someone says the M word I start blathering on about how busy I am and the back surgery I had 18 years ago. Good on you!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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