Thursday, December 31, 2015

Miss Emma Pearl...

I’ve been puzzling, for some time now, over what to say about the arrival of our precious little granddaughter, Emma Pearl.

For once, I seem to lack the words, at least the right ones, to describe the wonderful privilege of becoming grandparents. There’s just not quite the right adjective available to characterize such an event.

It was quite a day, December 10th, waiting many hours after knowing the process had begun. Thanks to Caitlin for requesting that I go Christmas shopping with her for some of those hours! It was a pleasant and effective distraction! Yet, it was late in the evening when we finally heard that the baby was going to make its arrival by c-section. I confess that at that point I felt the most worry, especially as we waited with Tiffany’s parents and sister for 2 hours until we heard news from Dillon. What could be taking so long? Fortunately, it was all good news, and they had just been taking their own sweet time with their newborn – of which I approved completely!

Here is Dillon arriving to make us guess: Boy or girl? Weight? Of course, he would make us guess…and most of us were wrong! For some time, several of us were convinced that baby was a boy, which made it even more fun that baby is a girl!! For weight, I guessed 9 lbs., Grandma Pat guessed 8 lbs. and was shocked to hear that Baby Girl Honcoop weighed 8#15!!

The doctor had complimented Tiffany on her toughness in laboring with a big baby, who turned out to be sunny-side up, but the Little Miss was not going to come out in the conventional way. We were all so thankful that they did not keep trying and trying, exhausting both mom & babe before they went to Plan B…so much better for both.

At this point, Baby Girl Honcoop’s name was not confirmed. Though by now it was midnight, we were told if we waited a bit longer, when Tiffany was out of recovery, we could see them both!

And who would leave at that point! No one...

It was 1:00am before we got in to see the new momma and baby girl. They both looked so great! There, Dillon and Tiffany announced that baby’s name is Emma Pearl. Pearl was Grandpa Gordon’s mother, and I think it is a lovely tribute to her.

Besides, this little girl is a pearl to all of us!

Looking over 10 little fingers and toes...

Grandma Pat

"Hi Emma! I'm your grandma!"

Grandpa Randy can't get enough...

...just like Grandpa Gordon!

Auntie Marci 

Uncle Jess...

...found out that holding a newborn is pretty sweet. 

Auntie Cait holding her niece, who looks a lot like HER newborn pictures.

I have always loved newborns! They are just such precious, sweet wonders of miniature humanity. And of course, I feel this way about Emma…But as well, there is the wonder of this new person in our lives. Who is she? What will she like? How will she think? What thoughts and perceptions will come from her little head? I just can’t wait to find out! Things I took for granted in my youthful pursuit of parenthood, I now find quite wondrous. She will bring such joy to our lives with the expression of her personality.

As well, it is a joy and a wonder to see my son become a protective, smitten, gracious daddy. The wonder and gratitude and commitment is plain on his face. It is a great privilege to see him so blessed – and to enjoy seeing Tiffany loving her girl and so naturally mothering her.

I’m so grateful for all of my kids, and so thankful for the family unit we are together…and now to add another individual to this group to love, care for, support, enjoy…I can think of nothing better in life.

Last year, we added a member by marriage. This year, a granddaughter!

God is gracious beyond my understanding.

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Tami said...

I'm reading and crying, my friend! So thankful for you and sweet Emma! God bless!

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