Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring has sprung...

"Spring has sprung, the grass has riz. Now we wonder where the flowers is." -- Ogden Nash

“Wed thru Fri expect dry, spring-like conditions with temps reaching into the 60s in many areas.” -- Rufus La Lone’s words about the weather this week.

It’s definitely Spring, and I am resigned to embrace it.

Spring and summer are not my favorite seasons as they bring busyness and stress. But that is the life we have chosen, so I need to really work on not having a bad attitude about it.
Thankfully, there is a lot of beauty to be had, and sunshine is a natural anti-depressant for me…valuable tools in the fight against negativity.

As is this girl:

Who can be discouraged when looking into this little face? The world is your oyster, pardon the pun, Emma Pearl! So much to learn and experience, and so little to worry over. It’s all about food, sleep and happiness!

Another reason for me to feel positively about life is that I am recently healed from a nasty muscle spasm in my shoulder that handicapped me with pain and immobility for the better part of two weeks. Doggone it, that hurt! I could hardly find a position in which my left arm was without pain. I really didn’t know what to do with it when I was upright but I was extremely grateful that when lying down I could get some relief.

In my typically fickle way, during this time I longed to do everyday things like laundry and tidying and even cleaning! Tasks which the week before, I had plenty of time to do, but no will to do them.

Adversity has a way of refining your appreciation for the everyday. I need to remember that, and right now it is easy. Right now, I am exultant in the healing I gained from my Physical Therapist’s (Kayla, you’re the best!) help. “Look, Randy! I’m moving my arm any way that I want! Isn’t that awesome?”

The Farmer is duly enthusiastic for my shows of painlessness, bless him.

So now, I am free to return to my everydays, and the tasks that have since piled up while I was disabled.

But first, another cup of coffee…

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