Thursday, May 25, 2017

So we had a little incident yesterday

So we had an incident yesterday. The kind of incident that makes one into a farm girl.

Little Miss Emma was hanging out with us, and she loves nothing more than to be outside, whatever the weather, wandering around the yard. She loves the goats, and the rocks, and the dirt, and now that she has a lawnmower, she feels she has a purpose too.

Just like her daddy, she likes doing ‘real’ things more than playing.

So she was mowing a long as I was fussing with my garden boxes. She decided to take the mower into the barn (bawn, as she says it 😊). I watched from behind as she went through the open doors. She squatted down to pick up something off the floor, saying “Kitty!”, which got my attention as we have no kitties on our farm.

With shock, I watched her little hand go down to pick up what I realized was a naked, little baby bird that had fallen out of the nest! (I think she called it kitty as it was about the size of the Little People kitty that she carries around the house.) When her hand landed on the naked, slightly feathered body, she jerked it back, held it to her chest and high-tailed it out of the barn! “Gama! Gama!”

I was close behind and grabbed her, making sure her hands stayed away from her mouth! She wasn’t upset, just surprised. Of course, I had exclaimed that it was a baby bird. I assured her that we would go tell Gapa, and he would take it away…but FIRST, we were going to wash her hands!

She was hot to get to Gapa, and tell him about the “baby bood”. Gapa came with us to take it away. Sadly, we found that a gust of wind had knocked a nest out of the rafters and four healthy little birds had met their end on the hard cement floor. I expressed my sadness, which was not lost on Emma.

For the rest of the day, she told me over and over, “Baby bood…saaad.” Which was completely adorable and sweet…Oh my! Every so often she thought of it again, and had to express her regret.
Of course, when I tried to get video of her saying it, I had to prompt, but it’s still worth hearing…so cute!

So Emma had a farm girl experience about the ugly things that happen and the gross things you can encounter on the farm. And she’s none the worse for wear…her rural education begins.

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