Saturday, January 24, 2009

Being sick can be good for you...

We were home from Texas for a day and a half when I began to feel ill...a headache that was unresponsive to ibuprofen turned into a stomach bug that put me into bed, and close to my bathroom for the next 36 hours. We know it wasn't food poisoning because, though Randy had suffered with similar symptoms, they had occurred 4 days previous, and in a different state. No matter where it came from, it was NOT fun. It was, in fact, quite miserable. In fact, once the symptoms subsided, it took a bit to recover, and while I recovered, I came to the conclusion that sometimes, being sick can be good for you...

I found that once I began to feel better, I was SO grateful for so many little things I often take for granted. This occurred to me as I said to myself, out loud, "It is SO GREAT to not have diarrhea!" There were still bills to pay, the house was a mess, my suitcase was only partially unpacked, and I hardly had any clean clothes to wear -- but I was having a GREAT day, just because I didn't have diarrhea. Bonus! -- neither did I feel like throwing up when I was upright! Does it get any better than that?? This was awesome!! Just awesome!! I enjoyed eating crackers, soda crackers -- they were yummy! And flat pop, and sips of water were so refreshing when they stay where they were supposed to...Bananas became a delectable treat...mmmm, bananas were a new height in returning to nutrition.

As I pondered these luxuries, I realized that most of my life I do not have diarrhea, or nausea. Most of my life I can eat crackers and bananas without restraint, but rarely do I appreciate them as I did this past week. Rarely, do I have a good day because I consider what has NOT happened to me. Usually, I base my opinion of the day's quality on what HAS happened, and far too often, I deduce that it has not been enough, and therefore, is not a great day.

This week, my perspective was up-ended, and I had a string of good days as I appreciated what had not happened. I also enjoyed more of what did happen...all because of short-term discomfort brought on by a stomach bug. Thus, my conclusion that sometimes being sick is good for you...It was certainly good for me this week. Now the challenge will be maintaining an enhanced perspective until the next bug comes along...I will admit that I hope I don't "need" one for a long time!

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