Sunday, January 11, 2009

San Antonio...

We're in the great state of Texas for a few days as Randy attends a conference for Co-op Board Directors put on by Land O' Lakes. We're in a great hotel right on the beautiful Riverwalk. We arrived in the dark, so this morning was designated for exploration and getting the "lay of the land". I am not getting it... but fortunately this is Randy's forte and he has saved me from numerous wrong turns. The Riverwalk winds through downtown and is never very straight. I go into a shop and then turn the wrong direction when I come out. Randy says, "No, we need to go north!" Yea... north...which way is north????? I can't even remember which way we came from!! No surprise from someone who didn't know where the stores were in the mall for years... Anyway, it's a very unique area with lovely old buildings, trees, and many restaurants and shops as you go along.
We have seen the Alamo, as it is across the street from our hotel, but have not gone there yet. I suspect we'll wait til tomorrow when I can peruse to my heart's content. I don't think the others in our group will probably be able to stomach as much history as I will want to take in...but that's perfectly okay... We can remember the Alamo on our own.


Ross and Taya said...

glad to know someone else struggles with their sense of direction. I (taya) always know that if i feel we need to go one way, go the opposite way! it never fails that i will choose the wrong way. God knew what He was doing when He gave me ross. thanks to him we actually get to where we need to go. =) have a great trip!

Cindy said...

Did you eat some cat fish down by the River Walk?? Gary loved it when we were there. The rest of us were too chicken to try it.

Gary laughed at your description of being a bit "directionally challenged". He could relate to a wife who wouldn't know which way North was. That would be me!

Enjoy the Alamo! ...and apparently some beautiful sunshine. What is that??

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