Monday, September 28, 2009

Just what I always wanted!

On Saturday, Randy purchased for me something that I have wanted for a LONG time -- a miniature manure spreader!!

I know -- longing for a manure spreader seems more than a bit "quirky", but let me explain.

I am mainly responsible for the mowing of the lawn, and it's a big lawn and produces lots of grass clippings. For many years we have had a large pile of clippings (partly) concealed behind the horse shed and I have dumped many a bag there. It keeps getting harder on my back -- and once a year, Randy has to borrow a tractor & loader, and grown-up size manure spreader to clean out the now slimy & smelly pile...not so convenient. The mini spreader is our solution to the problem.

Now when I mow the lawn, I can unload easily into the spreader(no manure involved:D), hook it to the four-wheeler and head down a berry row to spread the clippings out where they can compost over time. It works like a charm!

And it's just so cute, isn't it?! Caitlin is peeved that Dad didn't acquire this little wonder when she was pitching horse poo into wheelbarrows...Sorry Cait! But you want to help me with the lawn? Fun for us Farm Chicks!


tami said...

YOU are a lucky woman... Whatever happened to diamonds being a girl's best friend. Mini manure spreader, a girl's best friend. Hmmmm, nope, not so much.
I'm happy for you, I guess.

Ridgely said...

Ah, TRUE LOVE in action. Ya know you're a grown up when you long for practicality instead of fluff. Although the fluff is nice, too. But I'm all for a manure spreader if it gets the job done! I vote you "Green Mama" of the year for your composting technique!

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