Monday, September 7, 2009

Likkel Reunion...

August 20 - 23, we enjoyed the First Ever Fred Likkel Family Reunion. It was a great time, and created in all of us a desire to see each other more often. The family has become so large, and life being busy as it is, it is enough for all of us to keep up with siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. This was a chance to catch up with the larger family...the cousins I grew up with, dear Aunts & Uncles...People came from near & some from far.

Thursday, we had a hot dog roast at my dad's "Northwood Pavilion". The next night was Pizza in the Park. Saturday night was a catered dinner at Ryan & Traci Likkel's beautiful yard (Thanks you guys!) and over a hundred attended!! How great is that!! Sunday was a special time of hymn singing and worship together, again at the Northwood Pavilion...We left feeling so blessed that we have so much family that really cares for, and loves each other. What a heritage! Thank you Grandpa Fred, and Grandma Nancy...Your love lives on!

(The David Likkel Branch gathers for a picture...There was no way to get a picture of all of us at once :D, but each branch of the family was photographed (Thanks,Susan!) Also, Melissa & Lindsey, and Missy created family trees for all of us to enjoy -- great job!)


Ridge said...

You are so blessed. It's our dream to someday worship the Lord as an extended family. Someone somewhere along the line must have loved Him and prayed for us!

Meyer Family Fracas said...

It is amazing to me how small this world is. I don't know if you are aware of this but Lois Likkel is my Aunt as well.

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