Friday, May 28, 2010

"Standin' on the corner, watching all the {birds} go by..."

I added a bird feeder to my flower bed by the family room window.

And it is providing new entertainment for us...all of us, even Daisie...especially Daisie!

She has a thing for birds...She wants to eat them, but has not caught one yet. She chases them at every opportunity. We even saw her jumping to try to reach one in the tree.
So it is of great interest, and frustration, to see them just outside the close, and yet... impossibly far away.

"I don't care what you say, Caitlin...My life is crap."

"But I'll keep hoping anyway..."


Ridgely said...

This is soooo cute...both the dog and the birds, and Caitlin, too! I'm envious of your goldfinch. I hung up some of those goldfinch "socks" full of thistle a few years ago and they sat there all summer and fall with nary a goldfinch in sight. I finally had to throw away the nasty, moldy thistle seed. We just don't live in the right neighborhood, I guess. :)

Jerrie said...

LOVE it! Adorable Daisy pics! :)

Have a great weekend Leslie!

Tami said...

So cute of Daisy and Caitlin. Daisy has a sweet face even when she is feeling sorry for herself.

Happy Memorial Day!

Janice said...

Adorable post - poor dog - I think I should turn you in for cruelty to animals! PETA they call it you know! At least lets make some of the federal money work for us! :-)

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