Friday, May 21, 2010

They're BAAACCKK!!!

The bees have arrived...only 32 hives, so far. Yea, only 32...more hives to come.
Sorry for the distant picture, but I don't get any closer than I have to.
Especially when they are working with the hives...
Some of those buzzy critters get cranky about it afterwards.

For the next month, The Farm is ruled by the bees. We've hired them in to do a job, and we plan to stay out of their way. We respect -- no, RESPECT them...and appreciate them...from a distance.
They are hard workers, and on a sunny day the rows are buzzing with their busyness.
Go, bees, go! POLLINATE! We need you!

And I sort of hate you, too. Especially when you decide to be helpful and pollinate all my flowers too.
Thank, but no thanks. Please stick to your paying job.

I used to complain to The Farmer that those bees were a racket. We were paying for them to come and make raspberry honey for the Bee Man. Shouldn't he be paying us?
Then I saw the kind of stuff the Bee Man has to do for a living...And how he keeps the little hummers happy in their hives, and returns them there if they get all fussed and swarmy...
And now it all seems like a really good deal for us...and we usually get a big bucket of honey every season.
I'd love to avoid having to deal with bees...
but since we have to co-exist with them one month every year,
I'd pay almost any price for the Bee Man to do the dirty work.
Thank you, Bee Man, thank you!

And I hope you don't read my blog before you send us the bill...

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Sole Obsession Footwear said...

I like the new template. Very spring miss Leslie. Enjoy your life of bees.

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