Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess what?

I found these out in the field! Actually, in our young field, there are already LOTS of these...and they're big and beautiful, and have that special tastiness that first fruits do.

We had some challenges with last year's planting, so there are "shorty bushes" out there...Bushes that didn't get the benefit of growing strong from the start. These little bushes, "thinking" in the way God made them to think, tend to put out fruit early as they are determined not to die...At least that's what I think they are doing...guaranteeing their survival and that their kind will go on. Go, shorties, go!! I applaud you.

But sadly, a lot of this fruit will go to waste as there is not enough to justify picking the rows by machine. These little beauties have just come on too early...
But not too early for me!! I picked a bucketful yesterday, and will continue to do that each day until I have enough of these beauties put away for next year.
It's not a complicated process, but I thought I would show you what I do.

And, what I don't do...Confessions here: I don't wash them. Nope, I just pick them carefully, and then spread the little lovelies across a large cookie tray.
I know, I know...You're appalled. The way I look at it is this: Every day during harvest, we walk out to the field and pick the sun-warmed berries off the bush and pop them in our mouths...unwashed...everyday...and we think nothing of it. So I leave the ones for the freezer the same, especially as wetting them makes for a less than optimum result for freezing.

The tray spends the night in the freezer...
...While I take care of these, one by one...YUM!
Today they came out of the deep, deep freeze all frosty and pretty.
You could crunch them now...or put them in your lemonade, or pop one in your mouth and thaw it there.
I fill up my trusty ziploc.

And the first fruits of the season are ready for muffins, coffee cake, smoothies, and all other manner of berry goodness all year long!


Anonymous said...

Wow-you are way ahead of the game!!
I get our berries ready for the freezer using the same method..but mine come off the picker belt!!!!
I think its going to be an interesting season....things are just too different....Pre show nerves--maybe?

Janice said...

I bet you've got some great raspberry recipes you need to share!! Randy's dad just told us to get a bucket and head out to their field too - hope I can fit it in this week!

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