Monday, June 28, 2010


Of course, you know I mean the bees...Our field looks wonderfully empty...We are free to move about the acreage! Much, much better...

We're all happy about it, but Audiel, and Daisie are the happiest. For some unknown reason, the bees took a fierce dislike to these two. Randy could work out near the hives, and he got stung once or twice in the course of a week. Audiel went out to work there, and was stung MANY times in the course of an afternoon. Being the kind of good worker he is, he kept at it. Finally, when Randy found out how often he had been stung, and even through the protective clothing he had donned, he moved him to a job far away from the hives...But the damage had been done, and poor Audiel was miserable for several days.

And Daisie was too! She hates the bees, and goes after the ones buzzing around her. They hate her back, and she was stung multiple times. Eventually, we found her rubbing her head and then her back on the ground trying to stop the itch...She didn't know what to do with herself! I called the vet, and Daisie has been much more comfortable after being on Benadryl...Blast those bees!

Tomorrow we are doing a test run, picking our first-year field. There's quite a bit of red in it because baby fields are always early...but probably not enough to make it worthwhile to start up the whole processing plant. We'll see tomorrow just how much, and what quality it is...Sometimes the first fruits are kind of soft because a good percentage are very ripe. Trying it out tomorrow will be very helpful for knowing what the rest of this week will bring.

Hoping those showers stay away...If they do -- we'll be on our way!


Holly said...

About the only things looking good in my garden are my berries and my cabbages!!! Too darn cold for a pretty garden this year!!!! I don't even have all my beans in yet!!!!
Your berries look so yummy!!! I've gotten a handful, but they really aren't that tasty...we need some sun!!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I just happened upon your blog this morning but had to say ... I had a dog who was allergic to bees once! Poor thing.

I can't imagine what this must have been like!


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