Friday, August 6, 2010

The Last Day...

Today is the last day of harvest, and the machines are working close to the house, so I am enjoying the humming drone of the engines. These machines move slowly, and now that it is the last day, it seems very peaceful and soothing.

It only seems that way because it is the last day. Otherwise, I hear in the drone of the engines an urgent, persistence as they march on picking, picking, picking...can't get behind...

Oh! It's a happy day, the last day of the season. The frantic uncertainty behind, we now know what we've got, and how it went, and it is what it is...mostly good!

Tomorrow I will be a little blue. My entertaining, hard-working, inventive, creative, persevering, comedic crew will go back to the rest of their lives, no more showing up on my deck each more lunchtime recountings of their antics in the field.  For the 5 weeks they are together, they forge a bond with each other. They become a team, and in my mind, they are my kids. I will miss them, and wonder what they are up to...I'll have to explain to Daisie that she'll be waiting in vain for them to show up...Her most wonderful time of the year is over.

But we'll adjust...we always do.

I predict that by Monday we shall be deliriously happy that harvest is done!

Make that Sunday...

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Janice said...

Enjoy your "down" time - is there even such a thing in your life? I hope the season was a good one. Maybe it's time to get Daisie a playmate?

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