Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bye Boomerang...

The boomerang kid didn't stay around long. On Sunday last, Jess loaded up his car with all his most important worldly possessions and went to live in Olympia. (Here he is getting his last boxer attention for a while...)

And, by the way, he's not just living there, he got a JOB there!

We ALL like that!

He will be a session aide in the legislature for Steve Litzow, a freshman Republican State Senator from Mercer Island.  New adventures! He's just in training this week, and I am already hearing interesting things.

He will be full-time until the session is over...and then he may just have to boomerang back here until the next opportunity arises...or maybe not. Time will tell. I'm just glad that he was only without work for a month, and that he has a job that should be very enlightening and interesting. He'll love that.

And I love that!

As usual, the only downside is for Daisie...

"Jess, I'm beggin' ya. Don't leave me here with the Old People. They don't like to play soccer or nothin' any more...My life will be crap, without you!"

He wasn't swayed...and Daisie soothed her sorrow by getting on the couch in the sunny spot, without asking permission...
...She didn't even seem to feel guilty this time...
Defiance or depression?
Nothing a walk and a biscuit won't cure.
I hope.

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