Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Pictorial...

We got back from Savannah in time to enjoy a bit of winter here, and I'm glad. I love winter and would hate to miss any of it!

So much loveliness...It's always a wonder to me how a blanket of white, and a coating of sparkling ice can turn the drab into beauty...part of why I love winter.

And yes, it remains Christmas-y at our house...I'm a bit behind in all things because of our jaunt to The South...Soon I'll give you the account of our excursion.
But in the meantime, it's a SNOW DAY!!


Jerrie said...

winter is so beautiful.

I find it perfectly ok to keep all things snow and snow related (snowmen, etc) up until March (in hopes for more winter).

Happy Snow Day!

Janice said...

We didn't get the silver thaw - we must be just far enough South to have missed it. We just had lots of snow - and then rain and melting :-( I would've loved for it to stay another day or two! Glad you're back safe - waiting for pics!

Sole Obsession Footwear said...

That's it. I'm coming over next time it snows to gaze out your windows. Beautiful!

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