Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boomerang no more...

Today we are packing up the pickup, a U-haul trailer and a Taurus with all of our youngest son's worldly goods...or at least as many as I can shove out the door before he stops me...and bringing them down to his newly leased apartment in Federal Way...or is it Kent...well, somewhere in the area known as South Seattle.

Our bright feller has acquired a job as the Director of Communications for a King County Councilman. He works everyday in downtown Seattle. He likes that. My kid likes the

Anyway, his residence is located in the district for which his boss is the representative. His boss is Pete VonReichbaurer...of "saving the Seahawks for Seattle" fame.

It's a great job. {insert cartwheel} {retraction of previous insertion to avoid -- [insert debilitation]}

Anyway, we're so happy for him! He's a great kid, and I will miss him as I think the boomerang has now stopped...

But he will make a wonderful visitor!

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Ridgely said...

Cool! He'll be living/working near Wally's Dad and sister in DesMoines...maybe we can drive down together!

Only 7 days to go till W Day...this time next week she will be Mrs. Hopkins-Hubbard--all that work we did to make sure she didn't get stuck with a hyphenated name....God has such a good sense of humor!!!

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