Wednesday, July 20, 2011


...We've been making it.

And that takes a lot of pressure off the not-so-great weather situation. We have been able to pick full days for the last 3 days, and have cleaned off the "old" fruit. We've even gained a little time on our picking rotation, so we are "ahead" in case it does rain tomorrow as they predict.

And, by the way, I incorrectly stated our picking schedule. Each row is picked every 3rd day -- not every other day, as I stated in my last post. Sorry...I've only been doing this for 25 years. I get mixed up once in a while...Or maybe it's that 50 thing.

Anyway, the weather is still not prime, but it's not crappy either. We are thankful for afternoon breezes that have helped clear out the morning humidity...Even humidity is a boon to the mold, so we don't like to see hazy skies, or fog during harvest.

I know, we are VERY pun intended.

And while we're on the subject of mold, I thought I would show you one of those mold "bombs" I was telling you about. As you can see, the bomb is snugged up against some pure and innocently ripening sister berries...That's how it happens -- the infection goes on. Of course, after taking this picture, I defused this bomb and threw it too the ground, but the sisters had to go with it. It was already too late for them...Begone!!

You didn't know raspberry farming was so dramatic, did you?

Fortunately, our strategy to get over the field as quickly as possible seems to be working. Yesterday, we started our second time over the field, and already there is less mold to sort out. {insert happy face}And it never got too bad to begin with {insert even happier face}

Sadly, the forecast calls for more rain tomorrow, and some lingering showers into the next day...So we may have to do it all over again.

Will the rain come before we start tomorrow? Will the pickers get into the field? Will mold bombs multiply? Will the heavens open, or just shower us enough to make a sticky mess? Will the crew refuse to endure the misery that is picking in the rain?

Oh, the mystery and drama that bad weather brings to farming!!

Stay tuned...

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songbyrd said...

smiling from memories of time spent in the berry fields as a kid. I need to get some raspberries and make jam!

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