Thursday, September 20, 2012

Done with it...

I was proud of my little garden this year. It looked good and most everything grew very well.

But I am tired of it now.
It needs water, but I don’t think I will do any more irrigating because what is left is mostly compost material. And while everything grew well, there were numerous failures, though not in growth!

I didn’t like the flavor of the curly parsley I planted…of course, it grew fantastically well. The cukes I planted didn’t turn out to be the variety I thought they were. Instead of MarketMore, they were some kind of weird cross between an English cuke and the regular kind, and as soon as they were picked, turned rubbery unless you promptly wrapped them in plastic wrap and refrigerated them. The lettuce tub grew fantastically well, but I didn’t like the flavor of the greens therein. It became apparent that we fertilized abundantly when the little finger carrots grew to giant size, and developed tough, flavorless cores. Most of the beans came on at once, and we soon got sick of them – and then they were done.

On the side of success, we ate beets for numerous dinners, and pickled the rest. I did make some bread & butter pickles from the cukes. I grew enough cilantro to freeze for winter. I discovered bean seed for French, baby filet type beans that I really liked! We ate zucchini until we couldn’t any more, gave some away, and froze some for bread in the winter. We have a bunch of peppers that we soon can harvest, and I am extraordinarily proud of the 10 Sugar Baby pumpkins that grew despite their late, late planting.

I would say that we had a 60/40 ratio of failure to success.

Right now, I can’t wait to pull all the stuff out and call it quits for the season.

But, you know I’ll do it again next year…because we’re farmers, and you know our motto: “There’s always next year…”


Robyn Burke said...

I can so relate! Although our garden was mostly container, we seemed to have an abundance of greenery but very little to actually eat and enjoy. Bah! Blessedly our tomatoes are ripening now that hubby built a little glass house to keep them safe from frost. Yay!!

Tami said...

Great season. Glad it's over.
My window boxes look great right now and that is because I'm not watering anymore, the geraniums are stressed which makes them bloom. Their last hooray!

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