Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dog Day of Winter...

A couple of Sundays ago, after I had dropped The Farmer off at the airport and the sun had come out in full force and it was BEEEYOOTIFUL, Caitlin and I decided to take the dogs for a walk at Birch Bay.

We left immediately and got our Subway Sandwich lunch on the way, which the dogs thought was the best air freshener they had ever smelled in the car…Lotsa sniffin’ goin’ on!

We got to the bay and the wind was whipping. We downed our sandwiches, with bits for Daisie and Olive, which made it THE. BEST. DAY. EVER. in their minds.

And then it got better because we took them out to the beach…where the smells were new, and delightfully strong. Stinky seaweed, crab shells, detritus of all kinds, even a dead seagull…JACKPOT! …marvelous!

Except that they were forced to keep moving on after that discovery…

They walked along with such eagerness, loving the new environment. It’s such fun to watch them be so happy. Even as they exited the car, Olive did her happy body slam to Daisie. Bam! “Look! We’re going to have SO MUCH FUN!”

And they did…but Holy Cow, it was cold! And windy…

Love the Flying Nun ears…

So we documented our outing with a couple of photos, and then decided to take Olive and Daisie shopping at the Doggie Boutique in Birch Bay Square.

They were SO excited…NOT!…Cait and I were pretty excited though…

First, we left the girls in the car, as we were not certain just what we might be bringing them into, and we had some visions of Olive taking down racks or eating the merchandise…but after we were in, and saw the BOUNTY, we fetched them out of the car to…TRY STUFF ON!

It was pretty fun…and the girls were quite intrigued with this store full of the smells of doggies who had come before – and a couple wee doggies that were also there to shop. They were on their best behavior, though I must note that the leashes were never slack while we were there…And Cait and I did feel the tension that comes with keeping them under control.

We walked out of there with a new rain resistant coat and a toy for Olive, and a soft new fleece for Daisie – that actually fits her! Boxers are so hard to fit with their wide chests. It will be great for winter nights when the house gets cold, and under her rain coat. Except for that little issue that she hates to wear clothes…hmmm.

Best of all, we found some medicine for Daisie’s perpetually scabby nose…She loves to dig, and the bacteria in the ground love to live on her muzzle…Oh the troubles they cause her!

And that one purchase justified our jaunt to the Doggie Boutique…It was, after all, a medical necessity!

I have no pictures of the girls in their new duds, because they were done…DONE! with trying stuff on by the time we got home. And they were delightfully fatigued after all the excitement, so everyone could take a nice nap.

Cait and I think we should do this more often…but we may need to find a destination that doesn’t go right by the Doggie Boutique. That could get costly…So we’ll just have to save that for when it is a medical necessity…

Which may come to include mental health…’cause it sure was fun!

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Tami said...

What a great girls day! Exercise, good food and shopping! Perfection!

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